Subaru is only making 500 of them.

The Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport # (pronounced "sharp" like in musical notation) is the latest limited-edition version of the sedan that's sadly going to remain exclusive to Japan. The company is making just 500 of them and all of the vehicles already have reservations.

As the model name suggests, there are a bunch of STI-sourced parts that upgrade this WRX. The performance division contributes chassis tweaks like flexible strut tower bar and flexible draw stiffeners at the front and rear. The drivetrain revisions include a CVT oil cooler, better flowing intake air filter, and exhaust with a pair of circular outlets exiting from each side.

The Sport # uses Subaru's FA20 turbocharged 2.0-liter flat-four engine that makes 296 horsepower (221 kilowatts) and 295 pound-feet (400 Newton-meters) of torque in this application. It runs through a CVT to an all-wheel-drive system.

Gallery: Subaru WRX S4 STI Sport Sharp

STI also alters this special edition model's styling to make it look a little meaner. On the outside, there's a large splitter with a gloss black finish and Dark Gray Silica grille. It rides on 18x8.5-inch wheels with a multi-spoke design and black color.

Inside, there are thickly bolstered seats. Subaru covers the cabin in a mix of black Ultrasuede and leather. Silver stitching on areas like the chairs, steering wheel, and gearshift prevent the cabin from looking too dark.

Subaru is asking 4.31 million yen ($40,057 at current exchange rates) for the WRX S4 STI Sport #, before the country's 10 percent consumption tax. Deliveries of them begin in Japan in August.

The current WRX (and STI) is nearing the end of its generation. Subie hints at a debut for the new iteration of the performance sedan in 2021, and it might benefit from some of the automaker's collaboration with Toyota.

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Partial changes to SUBARU "WRX S4"
July 6, 2020
-Special edition "WRX S4 STI Sport #" set with limited 500 units-
SUBARU will partially change the content of the "WRX S4", announced today on July 6, 2020 and released on August 20.

With this change, the grade configuration is set to "STI Sport EyeSight" only, and it corresponds to the WLTC mode fuel consumption notation.

In addition, Subaru Technica International *1 which is the company of SUBARU's motorsports has set up a special specification vehicle "WRX S4 STI Sport# (Sharp)" based on the WRX S4 STI Sport EyeSight. Announced *2 on June 6th .
The "WRX S4 STI Sport#" is a model that maximizes STI Sport's "high-quality running and high texture" by adopting special equipment such as STI parts and performing special tuning.

*1: Subaru Technica International Co., Ltd. (Representative: Yasuo Hiraoka, Mitaka City, Tokyo, Abbreviation: STI)
*2: Since May 26, we have been accepting pre-orders at SUBARU dealers nationwide, but since we reached the limited number of 500 units before the announcement on July 6, order acceptance has ended.

WRX S4 "STI Sport Eye Sight"
Special specification car "WRX S4 STI Sport ♯"
<SUBARU official website WRX S4>
<SUBARU official website special specification vehicle "WRX S4 STI Sport ♯"> s4_stisportsharp/

[Main features of the special specification car "WRX S4 STI Sport#"] *3
STI-made large front under spoiler (glossy black paint)
18 inch x 8 1/2J aluminum wheels (black paint)
Front grille (dark gray silica paint)
Exterior color "ceramic white" for exclusive use of bumper (with air outlet grille)

RECARO front seat (Ultra suede/genuine leather, black, silver stitch + STI logo included)
& rear seat (Ultra suede/genuine leather, black, silver stitch)
Ultra suede winding steering wheel (silver stitch, high gloss black bezel with STI logo)
book Leather-wound shift lever (silver stitch, high-touch leather + high-gloss black decorative panel)
Shift boot (silver stitch)
Front console (black leather-like material winding + silver stitch)
Door trim & door armrest (ultra suede, black, silver stitch)
Slide Console lid with mechanism (ultra suede, black, silver stitch)

Safety equipment with
pretensioner and force limiter Front 3-point ELR seat belt (silver)
Rear 3-point ELR seat belt (silver on left and right)

STI-made flexible tower bar front (for STI Sport# with logo)
STI-made flexible draw stiffener front (with STI logo)
STI-made flexible draw stiffener rear (with STI logo) & guard bar (cherry red painting)
STI-made Low back pressure performance muffler (with STI logo) & exhaust pipe rear
STI low pressure loss air cleaner element
CVT oil cooler & radiator fan reinforced type