Advanced RV is back at it again with a new, one-off camper van conversion for a client. The company landed on our radar with its Baja camper van, a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter-based home on wheels. But the company’s latest creation is a bit more unique. The owner of the van approached the company with a mockup, and the result is Advanced RV’s The Last Resort – another Sprinter-based camper van that packs a lot into the tiny space with a small touch of stealth.

One noticeable thing about the camper is its lack of windows, which was by design, allowing the owner to travel in cities without their home on display to the outside world. The van is also small – a 144-inch (366-centimeter) wheelbase – which made it challenging to cram all the essentials into the van. There’s everything you’d expect in a modern camper van crammed into the van’s tiny footprint. It has an L-shaped countertop, which the bed folds over. There’s a coffee maker, extendable counters, a convection oven, and more.

One of the camper’s more unique features is the custom roof rack. It houses the lights and camera system. It also accommodates the air conditioning unit while also housing rooftop electronics such as a cell-booster and WiFi antenna. It’s accessed through a marine-grade hatch in the roof, eliminating the need for any exterior ladder – essential for a low-key look. Inside, there’s a shower, bath, and a TV. Due to the small space, there’s no seating other than the front seats.

Gallery: Advanced RV The Last Resort

Camper van customization is one avenue for those looking for something unique when out on the road. There are a plethora of companies, but Advanced RV was able to cram a lot into a tiny space while meeting the customer’s wants. The detailed workmanship that went into this custom camper van is mind-boggling, sometimes requiring on-the-fly solutions from the team. Fitting everything one would need into such a small wheelbase is astounding.

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