In a new video, Supercar Blondie gets to drive a unique Maserati MC12 Corsa that has a variety of modifications to make the track machine into a road-legal supercar. Despite starting life as a hardcore race car, her experience behind the wheel reveals this machine to be surprisingly docile.

Gallery: Street-Legal Maserati MC12 Corsa Supercar Blondie Video

The MC12 arrived in 2004 sharing its underpinnings and 6.0-liter V12 with the Ferrari Enzo. The road-going version featured a removable roof panel that allowed for open-air motoring. With a limited run of just 12 units, the Corsa was a track-only version that gave buyers a taste of the racing model's performance. The tweaks included pushing the engine output to 744 horsepower (555 kilowatts) instead of the standard 621 hp (463 kW).


This owner of this Corsa went through the laborious process of converting the vehicle to be street legal. The work includes overhauling the suspension and improving the powertrain cooling. The regulations also required creating a key to turn on the car.

The start-up process then involves switching on the electric system, flipping the ignition switch, waiting several seconds, and then pressing the button to crank the engine. The V12 then roars to life. Pulling on the paddles puts the MC12 into gear, and you can drive away.

The work to make this MC12 street-legal creates a vehicle that anyone can enjoy. It can handle puttering around in slow traffic or become a hardcore track car. A three-mode active exhaust is fairly loud in its most restrictive setting and can spit flames in the final setting.

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