2017 Mercedes-AMG SL65 Review: Because someone will buy it

– Detroit, Michigan

Let’s make a stupid calculation: If you divide the base price of the Mercedes-AMG SL63 by its 577 horsepower, you find that each unit of power costs $262.31. That’s a tough sell at Pep Boys, but it’ll do for a luxury sporting convertible.

Now let’s consider the Mercedes-AMG SL65 that I just drove for a weekend. The SL65 – which gets twelve biturbocharged cylinders instead of a paltry eight – makes 621 hp. For the privilege of each of those added 44 horses, you’ll need to shell out $1,556.82. An irrational bit of math? Absolutely. An untenable selling proposition? Far from it.





  • The bigger engine has a tremendous price tag: $68,500 more for the SL65 than is asked of the SL63 (and $132,900 more than the SL450, if you must ask the vulgar question). “Worth it” doesn’t enter into the equation, of course. If you have the money, you get perhaps the ultimate velvet hammer engine, capable of pulling from fast highway speeds to spinning-the-Earth-backwards with a yawn and a toe-tap. If the top is down when you do so, you’ll also be treated to a baritone distribution of silence that’s subtly erotic. Like Wall Street hookers and Italian jeans; this wouldn’t be so god-awful good if it were any cheaper.
  • This Designo SL cabin is sumptuous, and fully promotes extensive convertible-ing. I was just able to tuck deeply into the quilted-leather seat, long legs given room in all directions, with my head well u...