2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Review: Yet Another Pleasing GT

– Detroit, Michigan

The Mercedes-AMG GT lineup seemingly offers a variant for every taste, and based on my experience so far, each one charms in its own manner. This GT C is more powerful than the base GT Roadster but not as intense as the track-devouring GT R. The Roadster’s power top lowers in just 11 seconds while driving at up to 31 miles per hour. As someone who loves fast cars and convertibles in equal measure, well, it was hard for me to say no. Just as the first chilly mornings announce the onset of winter, spending a few days top-down in this GT C was one final top-down treat for the year.



Huge turbo punch. The 4.0-liter biturbo V8 in this car is far from new, but its ferocious low-end punch is still plenty rewarding. As in all its many, many applications, the V8 develops massive torque almost straight off idle – 502 pound-feet from 1,900 rpm, in this case – and pulls steadily right through its rev range. Never for an instant does this car lack for power, making it a rocket that had me triple-checking the speedometer all day long.

Go topless in all weather. With temperatures plunging, I’m glad that Mercedes offers the toastiest top-down conveyances around. In addition to heated seats, the GT C Roadster benefits from the wonderful (and aptly named) Airscarf function that blasts warm air on one’s neck. It makes top-down motoring feasible in far more varied conditions. The only way the GT C Roadster could be better suited to gray November days? A heated steering ...