2019 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster Review: Fast Banana

Verdict 6.3 / 10

The Mercedes-AMG GT C fills the barely noticeable gap between the angry GT R and the entry-level GT. Unique styling, a raucous V8, and in this case, a removable top give it track-worthy performance and style in spades.

But the AMG GT C Roadster suffers from its own set of problems. In key areas like comfort and technology, it falls behind newer competitors like the Porsche 911. While other sports car makers excel in all respects, not just performance, the AMG GT C Roadster – while still fun as hell – needs some refreshing to keep up with the times.

Design 8/10

The Mercedes-AMG GT C gets an above average score in the looks department, obviously. It's unmistakable thanks to its the long, svelte hood, curvaceous lines, and short rear overhang, which attract the eye as only a two-door Mercedes can. That’s all the truer when you add a removable top, multi-spoke black wheels, and the appropriately named Solarbearm Yellow paint.

That said, this car isn't stunning, at least not compared to the dearly departed SLS AMG. And yes, we know we're in the minority here. Sure, the GT C is unique, and to onlookers, it’s a solid reason to stop us on the street and start asking questions. But something about its styling is off-putting: the Panamericana grille is cartoonish and imposing,...