2018 Mercedes-AMG GT R Review: Challenging The Standard

Verdict 6.7 / 10

For decades, if you wanted a German sports car, conventional wisdom said you should just go and buy yourself a Porsche 911. And Porsche makes it easy. There's at least 286 distinct trim and power levels, three different body styles, and an options catalog so vast ambitious owners can nearly double the starting price of most of the 911 line by simply checking boxes. And that starting price? The delta between the most affordable 911 ($91,100) and the most expensive ($293,200) covers the entire price of a base, two-wheel-drive Carrera. Twice. With $20,000 left over. The 911 is and always has been a smart purchase because there's one for virtually any budget.

Why, then, would you buy anything else?

Well, because the Mercedes-AMG GT exists, and as delightful as Porsche's flat-sixes sound, there's just something about a V8 and extreme styling. If you want the cream of the GT crop, you'll have to go with the GT R. While it borrows its name from a certain Godzilla-like vehicle from Japan, the German GT R paves its own way with a righteous engine, ample horsepower, and a distinct emotional pull that would make the average 911 owner furrow their brow. It's an absolute hoot.

Pricing ...