2019 McLaren 600LT First Drive: Light Fantastic

Six-hundred LT – that’s Longtail in McLaren-speak, which, if you’ve got your history books out, you’ll recognize from the iconic  F1 GTR Longtail. There have been others – notably the 675 LT – but the LT name is derived from that Le Mans legend, and we’ll never tire of seeing it  in the press presentation. 
Nor will we ever argue with what the original Longtail represents.

When you think Longtail, think distilled: More purity thanks to less weight, more power, better brakes, greater downforce. More power. We mentioned that, right? There’s 592 horsepower, here, the 600LT name being representative of metric hp. This the first LT based on McLaren’s Sport Series, which is the "entry-level" to the McLaren range. That’s relative, though, as the 600LT is a full-fat supercar, as its 2.8 second 0-60 mile-per-hour and 204-mph top speed numbers testify. This car will run a quarter in 10.4 seconds.

We knew it’d be fast, though, as the 570S on which it’s based is no slouch. Indeed, there’s little wrong with the 570S, and it’s arguably one of the best cars the company makes. At least, it was. The 600LT now takes that mantle, performing that clever trick of being more engaging, more visceral, faster, sharper and better to look at, all wi...