Barry Skolnick is an interesting guy. He's just become the newest investor in duPont REGISTRY, our beloved sister pub that's positioning itself for a radical rebirth in the digital era. We can't tell you too much about what's to come for the venerable publication, except that it's poised to expand far beyond the pages of the magazine to become a bonafide technology company with amazing products and services. And for that, it needs visionary investors like Skolnick. 

Skolnick began reading duPont REGISTRY when he could only dream about owning an exotic car (he now owns over 150). In fact, he's used the magazine and online marketplace to purchase and sell many cars in his fleet. 

Speaking of which, Skolnick's car collection is the stuff of legend, and unlike most collectors who lock their wheels away like a dragon hoarding gold, Skolnick has made his accessible by opening The Ikonick Collection. This event space in Miami houses his incredible cars amongst a gallery of sculptures, paintings, and other fine art. 

Continue on for our interview of Skolnick to learn even more about the newest shareholder in duPont REGISTRY, including his involvement in Apollo Automobili and De Tomaso, his personal passions, and his thoughts about the future of duPont REGISTRY

Gallery: Barry Skolnick And The Ikonick Collection

Motor1: duPont REGISTRY is incredibly excited to have you as an investor. What made you decide to join this company that’s starting an exciting new chapter in its life?

Skolnick: I’m thrilled to be a part of this exciting endeavor. I’ve been a duPont REGISTRY fanatic for as long as I can remember. As a car enthusiast and collector, I felt that the marriage between Ikonick Motors and duPont REGISTRY was very synergistic. This partnership allows me to share my passion for Ikonick automobiles with new enthusiasts, affluent buyers, and greater audiences around the globe. While I can't disclose exactly what we're working on, we're establishing a new business segment with the help of Motorsport Network, that I believe will be quite successful.

Motor1: duPont REGISTRY has been around for over 36 years. What do you think has contributed to the magazine’s longevity?

Skolnick: duPont REGISTRY was the first magazine to promote exotic and luxury automobiles. The magazine serves as the only all-inclusive resource for all things luxury automotive, which I believe is the main factor that has contributed to the magazine’s longevity. 

Looking back, I remember dreaming that I would one day be able to own a luxury car like those that were featured in the magazine. duPont REGISTRY has unquestionably been the source of my drive, motivation, and enthusiasm for purchasing fine automobiles. Being a part of this new project is a dream come true.

The Ikonick Collection

Motor1: What cars have you bought or sold through duPont REGISTRY?

Skolnick: I have purchased several cars from duPont REGISTRY’s online marketplace and print listings. As a partner, I’m excited to be able to utilize duPont REGISTRY’s global network as a resource to help grow my personal collection with the rarest, most sought out vehicles. Plus, I’m excited to expand my personal network to meet like-minded individuals that share a passion for automobiles.

Motor1: You’re well known for having one of the best car collections in the world at Ikonick Motors: The Collection. Your idea to combine rare cars with fine art in an event-style space has become a major Miami attraction. Where’d the idea come from and what did you hope to achieve with it?

Skolnick: Thank you. The creation of Ikonick Motors was a pure passion project. I wanted to create a work environment that brought myself and others joy. I have always been a creative person and decided to put my creativity to work to create something really unique. Ikonick Motors is essentially like walking through my brain in a way. It’s a representation of who I am and combines all of my passions in one space: art, luxury cars, and philanthropy.

The Ikonick Collection

Motor1: There are over 150 cars in your collection. What are some of the rarest, most special cars of the group? Also, what are your favorites and why?

Skolnick: The Apollo IE is one of the most special cars in my collection, being one of ten manufactured. I also have several unique Porsches and Ferraris. As a true automotive enthusiast, my collection is very diverse and eclectic. To be honest, I have several favorites. To me, picking a favorite car is like picking your favorite child… you just can’t!

Motor1: Are there any new cars on order that will be joining the collection soon?

Skolnick: Absolutely. I just purchased a Mercedes Benz Black Edition Project One paint job and have a Project One on the way. I’m also getting a De Tomaso P72, as well as the greatly coveted De Tomaso P900, which is one of ten. Lastly, I have a few Ferraris on the way, with a Competizione Aperta on order, as well as the new Daytona SP3.

Motor1: In your years as an automotive enthusiast and collector, what’s the one car you want that you haven’t been able to attain... yet?

Skolnick: Probably the Ferrari 288 GTO. It’s a very special car that I’ve been looking to purchase, however, I haven’t found the right one for my collection. I’m confident that duPont REGISTRY will help me source the perfect spec, though.

Barry Skolnick And The Ikonick Collection
Image: Matthew Groner

Motor1: Your facility contains an incredible amount of art including paintings, photography, and sculptures. What has attracted you to art collection and how is it similar to collecting fine automobiles?

Skolnick: To me, art is a very personal expression. I typically purchase art that I can relate to, instead of buying from renowned artists. I enjoy supporting new and local artists, as well as seeking out up and coming contemporary artists. Collecting art is similar to collecting fine automobiles because just like choosing the right automobile, choosing the right piece of art can be a very lucrative investment.

Motor1: You have interests that lie beyond automotive culture, including philanthropy and improving police-community relations. What causes are most important to you and how have you been able to help?

Skolnick: There’s nothing more important to me than helping others. My parents were very philanthropic and passed down the Skolnick Family Charitable Trust to continue their philanthropic legacy for decades to come. 

Working with Mount Sinai Medical Center and the Community-Police Relations Foundation (CPRF) is most important to me. With Mount Sinai, I am now Vice Chairman of the board and President of the foundation. It has been extremely rewarding to be able to help hundreds of people in the Miami area receive quality care and treatment. With CPRF, I serve as the Co-Chairman, where I continue to help build stronger community ties between the police and low-income communities by hosting local events and food drives.

Barry Skolnick And The Ikonick Collection

Motor1: You famously helped revive supercar-maker Apollo and bring the Apollo IE to market. What was it like going from a consumer of fine automobiles to being the manufacturer of one?

Skolnick: I initially got involved with Apollo Automobil when they advertised the Apollo IE. It was love at first sight and I knew that it would be perfect for my collection. I jumped at the opportunity to work with the brilliant principles at Apollo and feel very fortunate that I was one of the lucky ten to receive the Apollo IE. It’s extremely special and is truly a piece of art on wheels.

Motor1: Is there more in store for the Apollo IE that we’ll soon be seeing in the pages of duPont REGISTRY?

Skolnick: For sure. Apollo Automobil purchased the De Tomaso brand and they are building 72 units of the P72, all of which are sold and accounted for. They are also building 10 units of the P900, which is the hypercar version of the P72. Perhaps you’ll see some of these vehicles in duPont REGISTRY in the near future.

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