Who doesn’t like a good game of make-believe? Fantasy sports have become massively popular – we here at Motor1 belong to a few leagues, spread across multiple sports – essentially because they allow a fan to pretend as if they were a general manager, coach, or player. Surely, there must be an analog for those who love cars more than sports? 

That’s the premise behind the afternoon of fun and fantasy that the Motor1 editors are going to engage in tomorrow. The concept is simple: take turns “drafting” car models to fill out the lineup of a made-up car company. Determining the winner of the draft is slightly problematic, as cars don’t generate new stats in the same way an NFL team might, so we’re pushing that job onto you guys. 

We’re going to broadcast live from our Facebook channel tomorrow at 3:30PM Eastern. Five of your friendly editors will be choosing cars to fill up seven broad categories and price caps:

  • Compact Car ($25,000) 
  • SUV / CUV ($35,000) 
  • Truck ($40,000) 
  • Sporting Machine ($40,000)
  • Three Row Family ($45,000)
  • Luxury ($80,000) 
  • Wildcard ($100,000) 

We’d love to have you along for the draft; tune into Facebook and join the argument conversation with your own suggestions or critiques. When the draft has been completed, we’ll ask you to look over each fantastical car company lineup, and to vote for your favorite. There’s a trophy on the line, so follow your heart. 

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