The Honda Prologue is the brand's electric crossover that stems from the automaker's work with General Motors. This official rendering is our first look at the vehicle's styling ahead of sales starting in 2024.

Honda describes the Prologue's design language as "neo-rugged." The front end has chiseled styling. The headlights are wide and relatively narrow. The lamps' shape incorporates into the brand's logo in the center of the vehicle's face. The lower portion of the nose includes vertical elements in each corner with the foglights at the bottom of them.

Gallery: Honda Prologue Teaser

Along the sides, chunky, black cladding surrounds the wheel wells, and there's more of it on the lower sills. The charging port is on the driver's side front fender. The side mirrors and door handles are in contrasting black against the silver body.

The rendering only shows the Prologue from the front three-quarter perspective, making the rear hard to see. Judging from the crisp shape of where the rear fender attaches to the D-pillar, the back has a similarly chiseled appearance at the front.

The Prologue was the first model from Honda to take shape primarily in virtual reality. This was necessary because the vehicle came together during the COVID-19 pandemic, so the team at the Honda Design Studio in Los Angeles had to work remotely. These folks also collaborated with their counterparts in Japan.

There are few mechanical details available about the Prologue right now. It uses General Motors' Ultium platform and batteries, but there are no specs available.

Honda declined to comment to about the Prologue's production location. A rumor from 2021 suggested General Motors might build the vehicle at its plant in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

Honda's plan is to follow the Prologue's 2024 launch with the introduction of EVs on its own E:Architecture starting in 2026. Then, a series of electric vehicles with co-development from GM would begin arriving in 2027.

An Acura-branded counterpart to the Honda Prologue is also on the way using the Ultium tech. When announcing the new EV, the company wouldn't say when the Acura model was coming. An earlier report suggested it would arrive sometime during the 2024 calendar year.

To coincide with the release of the Prologue rendering, Honda is showing a fresh look for its dealers. By 2030, the automaker will require showrooms to have an amount of charging stations depending on their expected EV sales.

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