2018 Lexus LC 500h Review: It Takes More Than Looks

– Detroit, Michigan

Visitors to Fallingwater, the famous Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home in Pennsylvania, are awed by the building’s stunning appearance both inside and out. But the house is not without its internal flaws: its skylights leaked on occupants, and when I visited several years ago, engineers were hurriedly reinforcing the concrete structure so the house wouldn’t collapse.

This comes to mind while behind the wheel of the 2018 Lexus LC 500h because the new hybrid coupe is truly stunning to behold, but filled with technical annoyances that make it a chore to live with. A dim-witted transmission and labyrinthine infotainment system overwhelm my affinity for the LC’s looks and chassis. As automotive art, it’s great. As a driver’s car, it’s (mostly) lacking.



It looks fantastic. Who knew that the LF-LC concept from 2012 would so seamlessly be translated to a road-going model? The LC draws the eye from every angle, with show-car flourishes and lines, mesmerizing 3D-effect taillights, and a silhouette straight out of a futuristic racing game. This is a car I’ll look back at as I walk away in a parking lot – and I saw plenty of other motorists craning their necks for a second glance, too.

Sumptuous interior. There’s a simple word for how I feel when settling into the LC’s driver’s seat: cozy. Not in the sense that I’m cramped, but in that the flowing lines, generous amounts of leather and suede, and the tidy switchgear are overwhelmingly pleasant to behold and touc...