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It's podcast time! This week Seyth Miersma, Jeff Perez, and Brandon Turkus join the show to run through the 20 vehicles competing in the 2022 Star Awards. Soon, they'll collect all of these models in California for a week of intensive testing. There will be winners in six categories: Best EV, Best Performance, Best Luxury, Best SUV, Best Value, and Best Truck. Plus, there will be the Editors' Choice pick.

If you'd prefer to read about all of the vehicles and the categories they are competing in, check out our roundup with pictures of them all.

Last year was the first Star Awards, and the guys learned some things from that experience. Now, vehicles can compete in multiple categories, rather than just one. For example, the Lucid Air Grand Touring is up for Best EV, Best Performance, and Best Luxury.


The Best Family Vehicle from last year evolved into 2022's Best SUV category. These days, this segment is a very common choice for parents looking to haul their kids, so it makes sense to tweak things. 

We run through the vehicles in all of the categories and the challenges of selecting a winner in each class. For example, charging performance is a factor when evaluating EVs. The team is also taking the models in the Best Performance division to a race track for evaluation.

On each evening after a day of deliberations, the team plans to stream their discussions about the day's events. On some, if not all, of those broadcasts, Bruce and Smith would be the host and ask questions about what the crew thinks of what they're driving.

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Next week, we'll have a very special guest. There's also a request out for someone to return to the show. We don't want to spoil anything, but it should be a whole lot of fun.

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