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Ally Financial is among the largest auto loan providers in the United States. Through Ally Clearlane, the company offers auto loans for vehicle refinancing, lease buyouts, and more. 

Refinancing your auto loan or purchasing a leased vehicle can be a wise financial decision, but only if you choose the right loan terms. Read this review to help decide if a Clearlane auto loan is worth considering.

If you’re not sold on Clearlane, check out our review of the best auto loan providers in the industry. We compare top companies by looking at interest rates, minimum application requirements, loan terms, and more.


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About Clearlane

Clearlane is a part of Ally Financial, which is based in Detroit, Michigan, and has provided financial services for over 100 years (originally as the General Motors Acceptance Corporation). The company provides auto loans to customers across the U.S., with the exception of Nevada.

Ally Clearlane Auto Loan Pros Ally Clearlane Auto Loan Cons
No hard credit checks for pre-qualification Slow customer service
Loans available for guaranteed asset protection (GAP) insurance and vehicle service contracts No purchase loans available
No application or prepayment fees Not available in Nevada

Ally Clearlane Auto Loan Details

Clearlane offers auto refinance loans and lease buyouts, as well as GAP insurance and vehicle service contracts. (Ally Financial offers auto purchase loans separately.) Auto loan details will vary depending on your credit score and the vehicle you intend to refinance.

Ally Clearlane Auto Loan Details
Loan Amount Range $10,000 to $80,000
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) As low as 3.74 percent
Loan Term Length 36 to 72 months
Prepayment Penalty None
Application Fee None

Clearlane loans are available for most types of cars, though commercial vehicles are excluded from coverage.

Ally Clearlane Auto Loan Application Process

To apply for a Clearlane auto loan, potential borrowers must complete a prequalification process. The application does not require you to enter your social security or credit card number and will not result in a hard credit check. This means that your credit will not be impacted.

You can apply for a Clearlane loan as an individual or with a co-applicant and will be prompted to submit the following information:

  • Name
  • Vehicle details
  • Annual income
  • Address

The application process is very quick and may be worth completing just to see what terms you are offered. If you decide to go through with your loan offer, Clearlane will need to run a hard credit check, which may affect your credit score.

Minimum Qualifications

Not everyone will qualify for an Ally Clearlane auto loan. To be approved, applicants should have a minimum credit score of 580 and a minimum income of $2,000 a month. If you do not meet these qualifications, you will need to find a co-signer with a better credit score to secure a Clearlane loan.

Those with higher credit scores will find the best rates on auto loan refinancing from Clearlane.

Ally Clearlane Reviews And Reputation

Clearlane’s parent company, Ally Financial, has a D- rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). It has a BBB customer review score of 1.1 out of 5.0 stars and a Trustpilot review score of 1.3 out of 5.0 stars. 

While these scores are low, it is important to note that they are based on a relatively small number of reviews and may not represent the majority of Clearlane customers. Ally’s Trustpilot score, for example, is based on fewer than 200 reviews, which accounts for less than 1 percent of its customers. Still, poor online customer ratings and a lack of positive reviews are not good signs for the company overall.

Positive Clearlane Reviews

Although Ally’s reviews are generally negative, there are some drivers who praise Clearlane for its customer support. One driver writes:

“Fantastic company. Most of these negative reviews are from people with remorse of some sort. Read your contracts, people… I've financed with Ally since 2006. Before 2009, their name was GMAC. It's the same amazing company and always will be.”

- L.V.P. via BBB

Negative Clearlane Reviews

A common complaint against Clearlane is slow deposit times. Several reviewers also mention disorganized customer service and difficulty receiving funds.

“Ally's customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. Ask to speak to a manager, [and] you will either wait for hours or be transferred to a survey asking you to rate their service.”

- Ian V. via BBB

“I refinanced my vehicle in March 2020 from Ally to my bank. They didn't apply one check to my auto loan until May 2020 and the other check in July, [but] they did deposit both checks into their account March 12. [This was] seven days after I refinanced and two days prior to the expiration date of the payoff letter. Now they are telling me I owe them finance charges.”

- Tina M. via BBB

Our Take On Ally Clearlane: 3.5 Stars

Overall, we rate Clearlane with 3.5 stars. Many people can qualify, but Clearlane doesn't offer the lowest interest rates on the market. However, Ally Clearlane auto loans can be worth looking into because of the company’s easy, risk-free application process.

Motor1 Rating 3.5
Loan Details 3.5
Loan Availability 3.0
Application Process 4.0
Customer Service 3.0

Refinancing to get a lower monthly payment can be a good idea, especially if your credit score has recently improved, if you have moved, or if you have purchased a house. Clearlane’s prequalification is simple and does not impact your credit. Another nice thing about the lender is that it makes loans available for GAP insurance as well as vehicle service contracts, which can help keep your vehicle protected on the road.

The downsides to Clearlane are that it may have stricter eligibility requirements than other companies and has reportedly poor customer service. Several customers have complained about difficulties with customer representatives and how long it takes for loan payments to be deposited to their accounts.


FAQ: Ally Clearlane

Does Ally own Clearlane?

Yes, Ally Financial owns Clearlane. Ally introduced Clearlane into the market in 2017 after it bought a tech company called BlueYeld. Clearlane connects customers with a national network of auto lenders.

Is Clearlane the same as Ally?

Ally owns Clearlane, but the two entities offer different auto products. Ally offers auto financing for new vehicles while Clearlane offers refinancing loans and auto lease buyouts.

Can I refinance my car with Ally?

Yes, you can use Ally Clearlane to refinance your auto loan. Clearlane connects you with a network of financial vendors to pay off your current loan and start a new one with lower payments.

Is Ally Financial a good company?

Ally Financial originates over 1.4 million auto loans each year, and the vast majority of its customers are satisfied. However, it has low ratings on the BBB and Trustpilot from customers that speak up about problems.


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