Esurance and Geico both provide solid offerings, so motorists need to decide what features they want to focus on.

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If you’re looking to purchase a new auto insurance policy, chances are you’ve taken a look at Esurance auto insurance and Geico auto insurance, two giants in the auto insurance industry. Both provide excellent coverage for drivers, so no matter which company you go with, you’re making a good choice. But the decision still remains: Esurance or Geico?

Each provider has different perks that will appeal to a certain kind of driver, so it’s important to do the research to find out which is better for you. Read on for an in-depth comparison of Esurance vs Geico.

Whenever you shop for car insurance, we recommend getting quotes from multiple providers so you can compare coverage and rates. In addition to the insurance company you choose, factors such as your age, vehicle make and model, and driving history can affect your premium, so what’s best for your neighbor might not be best for you.

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Esurance Vs Geico Highlights

  Esurance Geico

Our Rating

4 stars

4.5 stars

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating



AM Best Financial Strength Rating



J.D. Power Insurance Shopping Rating

867 / 1,000

848 / 1,000

J.D. Power Auto Claims Satisfaction Rating

844 / 1,000

879 / 1,000


*J.D. Power statistics are from the 2019 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study and the 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study.

Esurance: Our Review

Esurance was founded in 1999 and is one of the few companies that made it through the dotcom bubble. Although buying insurance online is standard fare nowadays, Esurance was an innovator in this domain 20 years ago and was one of the very first insurance providers that allowed customers to purchase policies entirely over the internet.

Today, Esurance still puts technology at the forefront, with a very easy-to-use website and highly rated mobile app. The company strives to stay progressive and was one of the first insurance companies to offer multi-car discounts to same-sex couples.

Overall, we give Esurance four out of five stars. Here’s why.

Financial Strength And Trustworthiness

Considering that Esurance is a household name, you may be surprised to learn that according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the company only holds only a small percentage of the United States car insurance market share. Esurance has a strong financial strength rating from AM Best with an A+. But when you compare Esurance vs Geico, you’ll find that Geico has better financial strength with a rating of A++, which is actually the highest possible.

Although this may sound irrelevant, an insurance provider’s financial strength can have an immediate effect on you as a customer. Generally, the weaker a company is financially, the more difficulty its customers will have getting a claim fulfilled. That said, Esurance is still a very trustworthy company with a strong reputation, so you don’t need to feel uneasy about purchasing one of its policies.


Like most auto insurance companies, Esurance offers the six standard types of car insurance. You won’t find much of a difference between Esurance vs Geico here.

  • Liability insurance (BI/PD)
  • Personal injury protection (PIP)
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance (UM/UIM)
  • Collision insurance
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Medical payments insurance (MedPay)

To round out its offerings, Esurance also has several add-on options:

  • Emergency roadside assistance coverage: Covers up to $75 of the charges associated with any emergency mechanical breakdown such as towing
  • Rental car coverage: Covers the cost of a rental car if your car is in an accident and is rendered unusable while it’s being repaired
  • Loan/lease gap coverage: Covers the difference when you still owe more than your car is worth on your loan and your car is totaled


Esurance is reasonably priced and provides a great value for the money. While it’s by no means the cheapest car insurance available, it does beat most of the competition when it comes to low prices.

You can get insurance discounts for having multiple policies or vehicles, paying your insurance policy in full, and being claim-free for at least five years. There’s also discounts for students and good drivers, as well as a 10 percent discount for drivers over 50 years old who take a DMV-approved defensive driver course. That makes Esurance a good option for tech-savvy seniors.

Claims Process

In our research, we found Esurance’s claims process to be about average. As noted above, the insurer received a score of 844 out of 1,000 in J.D. Power’s Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. That may seem high, but the score actually placed Esurance behind 20 other top insurance companies in the study.

Having a lower score for claims servicing is not a good sign, because after you sign up for a policy, most of your contact with an insurance company will be when you’re filing a claim. Comparing Esurance vs Geico, Esurance did receive a higher score in J.D. Power’s Insurance Shopping Study, but personally we think a higher claims satisfaction score carries more weight in the industry.


Esurance built its business for the digital age, and it’s lived up to its goal. The Esurance website  is easy to use, and the mobile app is very highly rated, with a score of 4.7 out of a possible 5.0 on the Google Play store. Prospective customers can get quotes online, on the mobile app, or by calling Esurance directly. Current customers can file claims in the same way. Many customers also appreciate the ability to use their phones as insurance identification cards with the help of Esurance’s mobile app.

Customer Reviews

As far as customer complaints go, Esurance gets just about the median number for a company its size according to the NAIC. When looking at Esurance vs Geico, we found Esurance to be about average when it comes to how satisfied customers are with their experiences.

Esurance has an A- rating with the BBB and a two-star rating based on 47 customer reviews. Keep in mind, though, that online reviews tend to be biased toward the negative especially when it comes to insurance companies.

“This company is horrible. Thought I was making the right decision by getting them, but that was very wrong. These people will do and say anything not to perform [their] jobs and serve the people who are keeping them in business. Personally, the rates are great, but ultimately you get what you pay for.”

-Kris M. via BBB

When you look at the Esurance website, you can see that nearly 8,000 people out of a total 9,215 to review gave the insurer five stars.

In Conclusion

Esurance is a reputable insurance provider with great options for discounts. The car insurance company’s focus on technology makes it easy to get a quote or file a claim. However, Esurance’s customer service is relatively average compared to other top companies.

When comparing Esurance vs Geico, which provider should you choose? Read on to find out.

Geico: Our Review

Geico has used strong marketing efforts to push itself into the spotlight and become a big player in the insurance industry. No matter where you’re from in the U.S., you’ve likely seen a Geico commercial with the insurer’s gecko mascot at one point or another.

In 2018, Geico wrote over 30 billion in premiums, earning more than 13 percent of the market share according to the NAIC. The auto insurance company prides itself on an easy quotes process and the ability to save drivers money on insurance premiums. For the most part, Geico delivers on both of these promises.

In the end, we gave Geico four and a half out of five stars – making it our top choice for drivers. (USAA was the only company we awarded five stars, but the insurer is only available to military members and their families.)

Financial Strength And Trustworthiness

After State Farm, Geico is the largest insurance provider in the U.S. by market share, and it has the financials to support that. Like we mentioned above, Geico has an A++ rating from AM Best. This is good news: Companies with high financial strength ratings tend to be easier to deal with when it comes to the claims process.


Let’s look at Esurance vs Geico in terms of coverage. Both companies provide the six standard types of car insurance. However, Geico also offers:

  • Emergency roadside service: Covers towing, jumpstarts for dead car batteries, labor to change a flat tire, and lockout services (up to $100)
  • Rental car coverage: Covers rental costs when your car is being repaired as the result of a covered claim
  • Mechanical breakdown insurance: Covers repairs to mechanical parts of the car similar to an extended car warranty

Unlike Esurance, Geico doesn’t offer gap insurance. But mechanical breakdown insurance is where Geico stands out. If your car is less than 15 months old with fewer than 15,000 miles, you can get mechanical breakdown insurance for up to 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. After a covered breakdown, you pay a $250 deductible, and Geico repairs your vehicle. That’s a pretty good deal for new car owners.


Geico advertisements claim that 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more. We found that Geico did not have the lowest prices across the board, but it’s premiums are definitely cheaper than most of its competition. Plus, the company has great discounts.

When comparing Esurance vs Geico, you will find that a lot of the same discounts apply. Geico offers discounts for things like multiple policies or vehicles, being a good student, and being a good driver. Federal employees can get an 8 percent discount, and military service members facing emergency deployment get a generous 25 percent off.

Claims Process

The claims process is where Geico really shines. According the NAIC, Geico has significantly fewer complaints from its customers than the median number for a company of its size. Where Esurance fell below average in J.D. Power’s Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, Geico tied for third place with a score of 879 out of a possible 1,000. When it comes to claims, there’s a clear frontrunner comparing Esurance vs Geico.


From the start, Geico has been all about making the car insurance experience easy. With three ways to file claims and get quotes, including the highest-rated insurance mobile app we found, Geico definitely helps alleviate some of the pain associated with auto insurance policies.

Customer Reviews

Judging by how few complaints Geico gets relative to its size, the insurer appears to deliver a superb customer experience. But like all insurance companies, Geico gets its fair share of complaints. Although the company has an A+ rating with the BBB, 356 customer reviews gave it a customer rating of one star.

Let’s take a closer look at one of the negative reviews and a positive review from Trustpilot.

“Geico is a nightmare! Was given the run-around by three different people in customer service. They start out telling you to get documentation and [then] your claim will be reviewed. [Then] they come at you with, ‘well we need to do a recorded interview and after that we can make a decision.’ [Then] after the recorded interview, they come at you with, ‘well we need more documentation and also we need to do an in-person interview.’ After this, it was clear they never intended to even consider my claim, and they just kept putting up obstacles until I [got] so frustrated that I [cancelled] my claim.”

-Charlene T. via BBB

“I needed full coverage with comprehensive and collision [with a] $100 deductible with glass, and towing, and high amounts for liability. The bells and whistles. After trying companies like Progressive, Amica, Mercury, The [Hartford], [State Farm], Allstate, AAA to name a few, the lowest six-month fully paid premium was $1,800… Then I tried Geico thinking it wouldn't be different. Was I wrong! Not only would a six-month premium only cost $500, it has a higher coverage amount… I am super happy with Geico, and while I hope I never have to use the insurance, I am happy I have them backing up my family.”

-J.K. via Trustpilot

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, we found Geico to be a superior insurance company. Geico’s reasonable prices, effective claims process, and high industry ratings make us confident in recommending the car insurance company to most drivers looking for coverage.

Esurance Vs Geico Verdict

While both Esurance and Geico provide high-quality insurance coverage, we found that Geico was a better choice overall. That said, we think Esurance is still a great choice for auto insurance, especially if you can take advantage of the defensive driver discount for those over age 50. We recommend getting free quotes from both providers along with other insurance companies before you make your final decision. Use the tool below or call (855) 518-0148 to help you find other providers to compare:


Other Top Car Insurance Companies

If neither Esurance nor Geico floats your boat, you may be interested in USAA, State Farm, or Progressive. Along with Geico, these providers topped our list of the industry’s best car insurance companies.


Out of all the companies we reviewed, we ranked USAA car insurance as number one. The company has affordable car insurance rates (the lowest we found on average), lots of discount programs, and superb customer service. Unfortunately, USAA is only available to active military, veterans, and their families, so the general public will not be able to purchase a policy from USAA.

State Farm

State Farm car insurance follows closely behind USAA as far as rates are concerned, and customer satisfaction with this insurer is quite high. State Farm also offers a wide variety of discounts for students, good drivers, and more.


Progressive car insurance is another well-established insurance company with good customer satisfaction ratings and a solid variety of coverage options. We like Progressive for its online quote comparison tool, which allows you to compare rates for insurance companies side by side.


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