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There are hundreds of extended car warranties to choose from, and with that comes just as many questions. What’s covered? What’s not covered? How are claims handled? Where can I bring my car for repairs? These are all questions that you’ll ask each extended warranty provider as you’re shopping for coverage, and it helps to know some of these answers right off the bat. 

We analyzed more than the best extended warranty companies, and though we didn’t include Route 66 Extended Warranty in top 12, below is a comprehensive guide to the pros and cons of its extended protection plans. Read through the Route 66 Extended Warranty reviews and see how the company stacks up against other extended warranty providers. 

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Overview Of Route 66's Extended Warranty

Route 66 Extended Warranty isn’t your typical provider. It has many positive features but lacks some of the transparency and availability easily found in other vehicle protection plan providers. 



$0 deductible on all plans

No sample contracts or coverage information on website 

Total loss refund available

Limited customer service hours

Transferable plans

Not available online or at dealerships

30-day, money-back guarantee

No direct quote engine

Repairs authorized at any ASE Certified repair facility


Online live chat for claims department and customer service


Where Can I Get A Route 66 Extended Warranty?

Route 66 Extended Warranty is different in that you can’t purchase a warranty through a dealership or online. Its warranties are available only through certain financial institutions, like banks or credit unions. 

In our evaluation, we look at what company backs the warranties that we review. You should always know who is backing your contract – preferably an insurance company. In the case of Route 66, its extended warranties are backed by Assurant Solutions. This insurance company protects the service agreements so that you don’t lose your money if the warranty company closes down. 

What Extended Warranty Protection Plans Does Route 66 Offer?

When researching Route 66 Extended Warranty reviews and plans, we found that the company’s website does not outline the specific coverage levels offered to customers. In order to get specific information on a plan, you must email Route 66 Extended Warranty to find the nearest participating financial institution for more information. 

Here is a general overview of the three plans offered by Route 66 Extended Warranty:

  • First Street (Drivetrain Plus): The most affordable coverage is the First Street plan, which is a powertrain plus warranty. Coverage for cooling and electrical components is limited to 50 percent of parts and labor. 
  • Main Street (Deluxe): This plan falls somewhere between powertrain and bumper-to-bumper coverage. 
  • Easy Street (Factory Type): This is the highest level of coverage offered by Route 66 Extended Warranty. It’s the closest you’ll get to the manufacturer’s warranty. Contracts at this level only list excluded items, such as tires, filters, cosmetic items, etc. 
  First Street Main Street Easy Street


Standard transmission

Automatic transmission

Drive axle assembly






Air conditioning






Fuel delivery


Front suspension



Route 66 Extended Warranty is one of few warranty providers that also offers battery coverage. According to Kelley Blue Book, car battery replacements are one of the most common repairs next to transmission and air conditioning repairs. 


Roadside Assistance

Each contract comes with free 24/7 roadside assistance up to a value of $50, limited to one call per seven days. This includes:

  • Flat tire assistance
  • Towing service
  • Battery jump start
  • Lock-out service
  • Safe and secure package
  • Minor adjustments
  • Rental car reimbursement

Who Do I Call To Make A Claim? How Does It Work? 

While dealerships, factory warranties, and many online warranty companies will limit you to a select number of repair facilities, Route 66 Extended Warranty allows you to take your vehicle to any ASE Certified repair facility. 

Once you arrive at your local mechanic, simply have the service professional call the toll-free number for the claims department. The claims department will pay the repair facility directly for your repairs. You may also fill out an online claims form if you can’t reach the claims department by phone.

We like Route 66 Extended Warranty’s claims department chat feature, which can be found on the homepage of the website. But note that the customer service and claims chat features are not available 24/7, and you may have to leave an email message. 

How Much Does Route 66 Extended Warranty Cost?

Route 66 Extended Warranty claims that its protection plans are less expensive than those from dealerships. One of the downsides from Route 66 warranty reviews is the lack of an online, direct quote engine. A direct quote engine that offers immediate price estimates would be much more convenient for online shoppers. 

The cost of your warranty will depend on your individual vehicle and the plan that you select. Some financial institutions claim that maximum coverage costs no more than $1,250. Customers have reported higher prices, however. Prices may vary depending on the financial institution that you use. 

All Route 66 Warranty plans come with a $0 deductible, so you’ll only have to pay for filters, fluids, and sales tax at the repair facility. 

Route 66 Warranty Reviews: Are Customers Happy? 

Route 66 Extended Warranty is not currently listed on the Better Business Bureau. Customers will find it difficult to obtain information on the company’s business practices, common complaints, and other issues of transparency. 

Based on customer feedback we did find, we’ve listed what customers like and dislike below. 

Customers Like

Customers Dislike

Friendly and professional customer service

Expensive plans

Significant savings on expensive repairs

Poor bumper-to-bumper coverage

Easy, timely claims process

Initial claims denials

Responsiveness to problems with claims or the repair facility

Payment caps on repairs (customer responsible for remaining amount)


Overall, the most common critiques are centered on price and complicated coverage. Customers should assume that an item is not covered if it is not found in the contract. As you compare warranties, it’s important to read the entire contract and the fine print. 

Our Verdict: Route 66 Extended Warranty Reviews

After analyzing Route 66 Extended Warranty, we found many uncommon traits that stand out from competitors, including $0 deductibles on all plans and the fact that these warranties are sold through financial institutions rather than dealerships or online companies. 

The major drawback to Route 66 warranty service is the lack of up front information. Without sample contracts and coverage tier information on the website, customers have to do more in-depth digging to get the information they want. 

We recommend you compare plans from multiple third-party companies, including a few of our favorites based on our research. Want the easiest claims process? Try autopom!. How about the longest payment terms? Try Protect My Car. Or, what about the best direct provider? Then Endurance Warranty may be right for you. 

We also recommend comparing your warranty to our overall pick, CARCHEX. CARCHEX offers five protection plans from dozens of reputable administrators. See how Route 66 Extended Warranty compares with CARCHEX below. 

Route 66 vs. CARCHEX
Here's a quick comparison of the Route 66 Extended Warranty compared to our favorite third-party extended warranty provider, CARCHEX.
  Route 66 CARCHEX

Start Date

Any time

Any time

Max Years of Coverage 8 10
# of Plan Options 3 5 levels of coverage, with 16 plans


Trip Interruption N/A
Roadside Assistance
Repair Network Any ASE Certified repair facility > 30,000 facilities nationwide
Cancellation Policy Refund if within 30 days Refund if within 30 days
Availability Available through select financial institutions Free, instant quote online
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