Make sure you’re getting the best rate on Illinois car insurance.


Drivers in the Prairie State enjoy lower-than-average car insurance rates. But how do you know if you’re getting the best deal on Illinois car insurance? Shopping around regularly is the best way to find out.

Today, we’ll talk about what the minimum requirements are for car insurance in Illinois. We’ll also go over the two car insurance companies we think provide drivers with the best deals: State Farm and USAA. Both of these providers performed well in our research of the nation’s best auto insurance companies, where we evaluated providers on things like coverage, availability, and discounts.

Whenever you shop for car insurance, we recommend getting car insurance quotes from multiple providers so you can compare coverage and rates. In addition to the insurance company you choose, factors such as your age, vehicle make and model, and driving history can affect your premium, so what’s best for your neighbor might not be best for you.

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Who Has The Cheapest Car Insurance In Illinois?

To find the cheapest car auto insurance in Illinois, we went through our top providers list and re-examined these companies in light of Illinois laws and guidelines. We have found the top two choices for car insurance providers in Illinois to be State Farm and USAA. Both of them performed well in our research of the best car insurance companies, where we ranked providers on the following:

  • Financial strength
  • Availability
  • Customer service
  • Cost
  • Coverage
  • Technology

Overall, we think State Farm is the best choice for Illinois car insurance because of its reputation for quick claims and low average cost.

Best Illinois Car Insurance Our Overall Rating Customer Service Affordability Coverage

1. State Farm Auto Insurance



4.0 4.0

2. USAA Car Insurance



4.5 4.5

*You may notice that some car insurance companies are listed above those with higher star ratings. This is because our ratings take into account nationwide factors, while our ranking for this article looks specifically at what insurance providers are best for car insurance in Illinois.



State Farm Insurance logo

State Farm: The Cheapest Car Insurance In Illinois

Generally, State Farm auto insurance offers the cheapest coverage in Illinois. Drivers with State Farm can expect to pay below average rates for their insurance, and State Farm is even a great choice for people who have had a recent car accident on record.

State Farm is the largest insurance provider in the United States, and it wrote $42 billion in premiums in 2018, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). Reviews of State Farm insurance are largely positive. The company also has an A++ rating from AM Best, which means it can fulfill its claims obligations easily. It also received 3.0 out of 5.0 from J.D. Power for claims servicing. 

Speaking of claims, State Farm performed very well on J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study. It came in fifth place overall and placed ahead of other options like Farmers auto insurance, Travelers auto insurance, and Mercury car insurance. State Farm got an average rating on J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study. However, we think that strong claims servicing is a little more important than the shopping experience.

While State Farm is a great choice for most drivers, the company is an especially great choice for students. Here are a few car insurance discounts that students can use to save money:

Driver Discount Details
Good driving discount If you've had your license for three years and haven’t submitted an at-fault claim or committed any moving violations, you can get this discount on Illinois auto insurance. It is available for new State Farm customers.
Good student discount If you have a B-average or above, you could get up to 25 percent off your premium. This is the best student discount we've come across, and it lasts until you turn 25 (even after you graduate).
Drive Safe & Save This is State Farm's usage-based option that is available to anybody, but you can certainly use it if you're a student. You could save a huge amount – up to 30 percent off of your premium.
Steer Clear Steer Clear is a program for drivers under the age of 25 who have clean three-year records. The program consists of logging driving hours and completing training modules in the app. When you're done, you can get a certification and another discount of up to 15 percent on your Illinois car insurance.


Overall, State Farm auto insurance customers are happy with their coverage and enjoy affordable car insurance rates. 

Pros Cons


Does not offer accident forgiveness

Customers report strong claims and service experience


Good for students and young drivers


Discounts for bundling several types of insurance 


To learn more about the auto insurance provider, check out our review of State Farm auto insurance.



USAA Insurance logo

USAA: Cheap Car Insurance For Military

If you can get USAA car insurance, it should really be your first choice for auto insurance in Illinois. It offers cheap car insurance premiums and great customer service. However, not everyone can get it, and State Farm does offer prices that compete with USAA in the state.

To get USAA, you either need to be an active or former member of the military, a member of a commissioning program, or a child or spouse of a USAA member. Once somebody in the family has USAA, they can pass on eligibility to other members of the family.

With USAA, you can get these additional coverage options with car insurance in Illinois:

  • Rental reimbursement: With this option, USAA will pay for a rental car after you submit a covered claim. Be aware that some policies might not cover the time that your car sits in a shop waiting for a repair authorization.
  • Total loss protection: This is USAA's gap coverage. When you have this option, USAA pays the difference between your outstanding loan and what your car was worth when it got totaled.
  • Accident forgiveness: After you've been a customer with USAA for five years, the company will keep your rates the same after your next  auto accident. Also, you may have the option to purchase accident forgiveness from the beginning of your policy.
  • Roadside assistance: With USAA’s roadside assistance program, you are covered for towing, fuel delivery, lockout services, and spare tire installation.

USAA has a rating of A++ from AM Best, and it performed very well on both of the above mentioned studies by J.D Power. In fact, it got the highest score of any insurance company for its claims servicing, and it got the second highest score for its shopping experience. Generally, USAA customers are happy with both the price they pay and the service they get – which makes it a great choice for auto insurance in Illinois. Plus, USAA provides some more perks for military members, including:

  • Deployment FAQ
  • Military pay calculator
  • Military separation checklist and assessment
  • Permanent change of station (PCS) moving checklist
  • Personalized military timeline
  • 10 percent discount for garaging a car on base
  • 60 percent discount during deployment
Pros Cons


Only available for military families

Excellent customer service


High number of coverage options


Good for military families


To learn more about the auto insurance provider, check out our review of USAA car insurance. You may also find our review of State Farm vs USAA helpful if you're having trouble deciding which of the two companies is a better fit for you to save money.



What Is Minimum Car Insurance?

Today, even young people right out of college can finance a car and drive it off the lot without paying a dime. However, if they were to get into a car accident, chances are they couldn't pay for the damage on their own. That’s why financial responsibility laws exist. These laws protect the victims of car accidents and make sure they get financial compensation.

When you’re the victim of a car accident, you want to be compensated – whether that's to pay for your medical bills or repairs to your car. Without financial responsibility laws, many people would hit the road without insurance, and drivers would spend a lot more time in court suing each other.

Thankfully, each state has its own financial responsibility laws. The easiest way to satisfy these laws is to purchase car insurance, but you can also satisfy them in a few other ways. For example, some states allow you to deposit cash with the DMV to use for accident compensation. You might also be able to purchase a surety bond for the same purpose.

However, under each of these scenarios, you are paying for auto accidents out of your own pocket. In contrast, when you pay for a car insurance policy, your insurance company will take some financial responsibility for accidents you cause.



State Requirements For Car Insurance: Illinois

Here are the state minimums for Illinois car insurance:

  • Bodily injury liability: You are required to carry $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage. This covers medical bills for other parties in accidents that you cause.
  • Property damage liability: In Illinois, you need to carry $20,000 per accident in property damage liability coverage. This covers damage to other drivers’ cars in accidents that you cause. Taken together, Illinois bodily injury and property damage limits are written as 25/50/20.
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury (UM): Illinois also requires drivers to carry UM bodily injury coverage. It matches the amounts you choose for your liability coverage, so the minimum limits are $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. This covers you and your passengers in accidents caused by drivers without insurance.
  • Underinsured motorist bodily injury (UIM): If you choose a plan beyond the minimum limits, you are additionally required to carry underinsured motorist coverage that matches your liability insurance limits.

Illinois auto insurance has average requirements compared to other states. Many states, including Montana, Kentucky, Colorado, and Alabama, have similar requirements. Florida requires the lowest minimums of 10/20/10, while Arkansas and Maine require the highest minimums of 50/100/25.

Just because other states are doing it doesn’t mean you should trust those coverage limits for your policy. Those are meant to be the bare minimum, but they won’t protect you from lawsuits if you cause a serious accident. If you have the mandatory insurance limit of $25,000 for bodily injury coverage, you can be sued if it doesn’t fully cover the other party’s medical bills. In today’s world, $25,000 can get used up quickly. Likewise, $20,000 for property damage won’t cut it if you total someone’s new car.



What Is The Average Cost Of Car Insurance In Illinois?

Talking about average Illinois car insurance prices is a bit tricky since they can be influenced by so many things. However, some states are more expensive than others. If you’re a driver in Illinois, you can count yourself lucky.

According to the NAIC, Illinois car insurance rates in 2017 averaged $897.07 per year. This is lower than the national average of $1,004.68, placing Illinois in the 25th spot out of all of the U.S. states for automobile insurance. 

Here’s a breakdown of the coverage costs for car insurance in Illinois that year according to the Insurance Information Institute:

Type of Coverage Average Annual Expenditure in 2017
Liability coverage $507.40
Collision coverage $336.00
Comprehensive coverage $133.32
Total cost $897.07

*To calculate average expenditures, NAIC assumed that all insured vehicles would carry liability coverage but not necessarily collision or comprehensive. Total cost per year measures what consumers actually spent.

To see how insurance for your specific information will compare to the state and national averages, call our team at (855) 518-0148 or use this tool:


What Affects The Cost Of Auto Insurance In Illinois

Of course, the car insurance quote you receive can be very different than the state average. Here are a few things that affect the rate of Illinois car insurance:

  • Your age
  • Your driving record
  • Recent claims
  • The type of car that you drive
  • Your credit score
  • The population density in your area
  • The deductible that you select
  • How many miles you drive per year
  • High-tech vehicles entering your local market



What To Know About Driving In Illinois

According to the Federal Highway Administration, people in Illinois drive fewer miles per year than the national average. The national average is 14,425 miles, but Illinoians drive 12,921 miles per year – about 10 percent less.

You'll notice that your yearly mileage can impact your Illinois auto insurance rates. Whether you go with a usage-based app or you submit odometer readings, spending less time on the road can reduce your risk of an accident. This is also true on a larger scale. Since drivers in Illinois travel fewer miles, car insurance companies don't have to pay out for as many accidents. This helps auto insurance in Illinois remain affordable.

Another thing that keeps Illinois car insurance rates low is the state’s low rate of car accident fatalities. In 2018, there were 0.96 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The lowest rate was 0.54 in Massachusetts, while the highest rate was 1.83 in South Carolina.

Here are a few more bits of trivia from 2017 Illinois Department of Transportation data:

Total licensed drivers in Illinois 9,164,8212
Total crashes in the state 311,679
Total number of injuries 93,517
Total serious injuries  12,003
Total deaths  1,090

Overall, 21.5 percent of crashes caused an injury, and 14.2 percent caused a serious injury –  one that required the victim to be carried from the scene. That means if you cause an accident, there’s a good chance that your insurance will have to cover expensive medical bills for the other party. Before you choose the minimum coverage amount, shop around to see which company provides the best deal on full coverage car insurance in Illinois.



Before you start comparing auto insurance quotes, take another look at our top two providers for cheap car insurance in Illinois. Both of these insurance companies have pros and cons, so we recommend getting insurance quotes to see which ones offers the lowest price for you.

  #1 State Farm #2 USAA
Our Rating 4.5 5.0
AM Best Financial Strength Rating A++ A++
Eligibility Anyone Military members and family
Usage-Based Discounts Drive Safe & Save Not in Illinois
Roadside Assistance Yes Yes
Rideshare Coverage Yes Yes
Gap Insurance Only on vehicle loans from State Farm Bank Yes

Some other car insurance options to consider include Allstate Insurance, Geico Car Insurance, and United Auto Insurance.

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