For the hard-to-insure driver who does their homework, Freeway could be a good fit.

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Freeway Insurance’s tagline “Cheap Car Insurance, Home Insurance, and More” probably makes you think that affordability is the provider’s main focus. But Freeway’s target audience is actually drivers who have difficulty obtaining insurance due to poor driving records.

As an insurance broker, Freeway partners with insurance administrators to secure coverage for high-risk drivers, serving a niche market with coverage that may be cheaper than the industry's top car insurance providers for drivers with a decent driving history. Read on to find out whether Freeway auto insurance is right for you.

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About Freeway Insurance

Freeway specializes in providing mandatory minimum coverage for high-risk drivers, including personal injury protection in the 12 states where PIP is required. One of Freeway’s core values is civic responsibility, making it a good choice for consumers who value community contributions. The provider is a partner of Toys for Tots, a nonprofit that provides new, unwrapped toys to economically disadvantaged children.

In terms of the product, we found Freeway auto insurance to be a mixed bag. It can be a great option for a potentially underserved group of drivers, but the company’s business model requires careful navigation.

Insurance For High-Risk Drivers

Freeway car insurance targets drivers with poor driving records, including the following:

  • Suspended license
  • Multiple accidents
  • Multiple recent moving violations
  • DUI convictions, arrests, or citations
  • Those who have been involved in an accident without insurance
  • Poor credit or a recent bankruptcy
  • Reckless driving citations

However, it’s important to note that those with good driving records can also find coverage with Freeway auto insurance.



Freeway Auto Insurance Coverage

Freeway offers traditional insurance coverage including liability, comprehensive, collision, uninsured/underinsured motorist, and medical payments. You can also opt for rental car reimbursement and gap insurance, which helps you pay off the balance of your loan if your vehicle is declared a total loss.

Full coverage is available, however high-risk drivers may only be looking for the minimum coverage necessary to drive legally in their state.

Insurance Discounts

When compared to industry leaders like Progressive and State Farm, Freeway auto insurance doesn’t have many options for discounts. That being said, you can still find the following discounts, which could have a big impact on your premium.

  • Good driver discount
  • Student discount
  • Military discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Multi-car discount

How Much Coverage Do You Need?

High-risk drivers may be tempted to only purchase mandatory minimum coverage. While that is an option, we always recommend covering your bases, as costs from accidents can quickly add up. Medical bills, in particular, can escalate to hundreds of thousands of dollars after a severe accident.

In Arizona, for example, the bodily injury liability state minimum is $30,000 of coverage per accident. If you are at fault in an accident in which the other driver or their passengers require surgery or substantial rehabilitation treatment, you would be personally responsible for any medical costs that exceed $30,000 with just minimum coverage.



SR-22 Coverage

An advantage of Freeway car insurance is that drivers can get coverage after a DUI. In this case and in other scenarios resulting in poor driving records, the state Department of Motor Vehicles may require a document known as an SR-22. This is a legal document sometimes known as a financial responsibility filing.

Being found at-fault for an accident without insurance can require you to have an SR-22 on file with your state’s DMV for three years, while a DUI conviction calls for five years. Not all insurance providers offer coverage to high-risk drivers and some do not issue SR-22s, but Freeway auto insurance is available to high-risk drivers in all 50 states.



What Customers Say About Freeway Auto Insurance 

Freeway Insurance has an A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). But like most auto insurance companies, the provider has its share of customer complaints.

Insurance is typically something you buy infrequently and then forget about, and the inherent stress of filing a claim leads to higher-than-average criticisms, even for leading providers. In Freeway’s case, 21 customer reviews on the BBB website gave the company an overall rating of 1 out of 5 stars. The complaints refer to confusion over up-front costs and ongoing monthly payments, as well as difficulty contacting the company, which is concerning.

“I recently got a policy with Freeway Insurance this month. I [paid] $529 for a down payment and now [they are] charging me $200. I can’t afford to pay them $720 this month. What upsets me is the lack of customer service. I’ve emailed them, [contacted] their social media team, called them, and no one helps me. They are very unprofessional.”

-Ramon S. via BBB

If you purchase a Freeway car insurance policy, we recommend reviewing your contract in detail and asking clear questions when speaking to a representative.



Shopping For Freeway Auto Insurance

Perhaps due to the complicated driving histories of many Freeway auto insurance customers, the provider does not offer online quotes. After submitting your personal information on the Freeway Insurance website, you will receive a call from a representative to discuss your options for coverage.

For an easier quote process, use this tool or call (855) 518-0148 to compare prices from several insurance companies:


Be Aware Of Fees

Because Freeway car insurance caters to underserved and high-risk drivers, a down payment is sometimes required to start a new policy. This would be in addition to your normal monthly payment for the first month. Because Freeway is a broker, your down payment may also include a brokerage fee.

If you are having trouble finding insurance due to being a high-risk driver, the fees that come with Freeway auto insurance might be worth the cost, but make sure to ask about fees up front. Freeway car insurance customers have reported being given a dollar amount for starting an insurance policy only to learn later that a fee of several hundred dollars was added to that cost.

Shop By Coverage, Not Budget

If you opt for a Freeway car insurance quote, we recommend making a decision on the level of coverage you want before speaking to a representative – rather than starting with a budget dollar amount. Some consumers have reported that Freeway agents maximized coverage for a budget rather than finding the best blend of cost and coverage.




Our Verdict On Freeway Auto Insurance

Freeway car insurance can provide affordable coverage for high-risk drivers. If you fall into that category, we think getting a quote is worth it. You won’t find brick-and-mortar offices in every town, but those who are having trouble finding coverage elsewhere can hop on the phone with a representative or submit their information online. Do your homework on what to expect, and be ready to discuss fees and coverage limits before you contact Freeway.

If you are not a high-risk driver, we think you will find better coverage with another provider. No matter your driving history, it’s always smart to compare quotes from several companies. 




Top Recommendations For Insurance

We recently reviewed the top car insurance companies in the industry, and Progressive and State Farm emerged as two of the best options overall. We gave both providers 4.5 out of 5 stars and would recommend them to most drivers.



Progressive is known for Flo and the Name Your Price® comparison tool, but the provider also offers some of the best coverage on the market. The company has an A+ rating from AM Best for financial stability, and it wrote over $27 billion in premiums in 2018. In addition to standard coverages, you can get roadside assistance, loan/lease payoff, rental reimbursement, and custom parts and equipment coverage. There are also ways to bundle your home and auto insurance and more. To get more information, read our full Progressive insurance review


State Farm

State Farm auto insurance is a great choice for shoppers looking for a friendly neighbor to talk to. The State Farm business model relies heavily on community-based agents who provide excellent, on-demand customer service and are able to help you walk through any claims.

State Farm is the largest car insurance provider in the nation with a market share of 17 percent. You can find great discounts with State Farm, including student discounts, discounts for remaining accident free, and discounts for taking defensive driving courses. To get more information, read our State Farm insurance review.

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