Artega GT

From Artega press: Artega®’s aim is the development and production of small-series sports cars that break the mould.
Artega® was the brainchild of engineers in the development department at paragon, the globally
successful electronics supplier based in Delbrück, in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia.
The company’s mission statement commits it to providing a convincing and sustained demonstration
of both all-round automotive expertise and a passion for sporty cars.

The new Artega® GT combines the emotional appeal of a high-performance sports car with the
defining attributes of a sports tourer. The development of the car hinged on four priorities:

A distinctive design language - Renowned designer Henrik Fisker has created proportions with
an unprecedented purity: broad, flat and compact. Given its restricted dimensions, an interior
brimming with efficiency comes as something of a surprise. There is room inside the car not just
for two adults, but also their luggage – and even a child seat can be integrated as an option.

Agility, driving dynamics and safety - The key parameters in the development of the Artega® GT
were lightweight construction and rigidity. A generously sized aluminium space frame teams up
with a body made from carbon fibre-reinforced composite materials to ensure an impressive
power-to-weight ratio. High-quality components sourced from the Volkswagen Group and a
rear-engined arrangement make for top-class performance.The V6 powerplant with a direct-shift
gearbox and a specially developed inverting stage was built into a compact module made from
high-strength steel tubing. Active driving dynamics aids are an integral element of the GT, while
exceptionally effective crash boxes protect the occupants in the event of an accident.

Touring suitability - The development engineers attached great importance to creating an occupant-
oriented package. A wide variety of stowage areas and two luggage compartments exceed
the usual boundaries for a car with these dimensions. The key to this extraordinary spaciousness
was the decision to mount the engine horizontally in the rear of the car.

Controls - The expertise of the electronics specialists at paragon opened the door to a wide range
of innovative control and driver information systems.With its groundbreaking new sensor switch
panels and the unique dual-indicator speedometer/rev counter instrument, paragon’s all-new
interior ambience represents a significant standout feature of the new Artega® GT.

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