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Here's an interesting tidbit to take us into the weekend. Pininfarina has something new in the works and to be completely honest, we have no idea what it's about. To the automaker's credit, this project has been kept well hidden from our prying eyes, but we do have some theories about it. More on that in a bit.

First, let's take a look at the actual information Pininfarina shared on social media. Aside from the teaser image, we're told simply that something new is coming and we should "stay tuned on July 14." There are also a plethora of hashtags referencing both automotive and design subjects.


What does this mean? For starters, it's probably a safe bet this isn't some variation of the Pininfarina Battista. Our initial impression is that of a shooting brake, and actually, there's even a hint of Ferrari Breadvan in that rectangular backside. At base value, the teaser portrays a rear view of a small estate with an extremely low roofline. The top of the image seems to show outlines of front fenders on either side, but the shading does a very good job of obscuring proportions so we could be mistaken. And for the record, yes we dumped the image into Photoshop for some tweaking of the light levels. There's nothing extra to see.

Moving on from the image, we can't ignore the timing of this teaser with Pininfarina's recent announcement regarding the Hercules Alpha electric pickup truck. Yes, we said truck – Pininfarina and Hercules released a joint statement on July 8 announcing a partnership that will have Pininfarina designing the in-development electric pickup. Looking at the teaser from a truck perspective, could there be a connection here? We don't think so, but frankly, the timing of the teaser and the announcement is too coincidental to simply ignore.

Taking Pininfarina at face value for its language, this could well be a new SUV. There's no denying that SUVs are hot commodities for automakers, and Pininfarina's former CEO even said a sedan and SUV could arrive in the next three years. That statement came in 2019, so we're closing in on the three-year mark.

There's also a possibility that this could simply be a concept vehicle showcasing future ideas. One of the hashtags in the post was a reference to Car Design Dialogue Asia, which is an upcoming conference scheduled for July 13-15. Clearly, Pininfarina has something to announce during the conference, and with the event focusing on Asian design, a swoopy Pininfarina electric crossover certainly makes sense in a market that can't get enough swoopy electric crossovers.

In any case, we won't have to wait long to see how our predictions pan out.

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