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Often referred to as the Green Hell, the Nurburgring Nordschleife is a fearsome ribbon of tarmac that snakes its way through the German Forest. As such, many automakers use the circuit to validate its latest and greatest high-performance vehicles. However, Misha Charoudin’s latest video is a detour from the normal exhilarating flat out lap, taking a peek at how a Lada Niva tackles the course.

For the uninitiated, the Niva is not a very fast car, but that’s actually a good thing for the video – even after taking to the track at just over walking pace, there was plenty of entertainment on offer. We are often desensitized by the speedometer in onboard videos of lap records, but seeing other cars scream past the Niva reset our barometer of the speed and commitment required to navigate some of the corners.

It also goes to show the inclusivity of touristenfahrten sessions – where just about anyone can get on track – as it’s clear that the closing speeds between the Russian automobile and other cars would have been lethal. However, as long as everyone follows the rules and pays attention, everything is fine.

Apart from the other drivers out on track, we’d be remiss not to mention that the Nurburgring is actually a very beautiful place. While most of us petrolheads are often caught up in apex speeds and sector times, it’s great to see an onboard video where those factors don’t really matter.

As Misha is one of the Rosetta stones when it comes to Nordschleife knowledge, it was fun seeing him react from the passenger seat.

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