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Personalization is quite a commodity. That's why luxury carmakers bank on this offering, bringing plenty of bespoke options to the table for their patrons to choose from, maximizing the amount of money that they're spending on a single model.

In the world of RVs, Advanced RV offers the same level of customization to its customers. The latest of these bespoke motorhomes are these: the Leela and Wu Gui camper vans. With the contrast of personalities between its owners, it's amazing to see how Advanced RV allows that to transcend into their beloved living space on wheels.


Both the Leela and Wu Gui camper vans are based on Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans but with extended wheelbases to maximize essential cabin spaces.

Claudia, the owner of Leela, is in tune with nature. As such, green and brown dominates the cabin of her RV, along with yellow and decorative flowers on the curtains. The entire cabin is refreshing to look at, and can immediately tell you what the owner loves the most. Of note, Claudia sold her condo to have a custom motorhome for full-time van living.

Wu Gui, on the other hand, is much more different from Leela. While Leela's cabin emanates lightness and free spirit, Wu Gui looks more sophisticated and oriental – traits that reflect the personalities of the owner, according to Advanced RV.

Advanced RV boasts its team of craftspeople that work personally with their clients. It virtually opens limitless possibilities when making these custom motorhomes, bringing the final product closer to the heart of the patrons.

The video on top shows a quick tour of both RVs, showing the amount of contrast between the two, inside and out. 

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