In an alternate universe, these are the sedans that killed SUVs.

Sedans were once the backbone of the automobile market. As other variations of family vehicles came and went – notably the station wagon and minivan – the sedan always endured. Then the SUV arrived on the scene, and from the 1990s forward, well you know the story.

That said, the sedan won’t disappear despite some automakers (we’re looking at you, Ford) choosing to abandon the segment entirely. Some models like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord still outsell many SUVs, and even Ford’s discontinued-after-2020 Fusion is still a top-five model for the Blue Oval. This leads us to a rather bizarre thought – could there be an opportunity to reinvigorate the sedan segment by developing new models based on well-known SUVs?

The folks at Budget Direct had a similar flash of mad brilliance. Their team created seven renderings of sedans with not-so-subtle design cues from a range of large and small SUVs. The results are, admittedly, weird as hell. But some of them actually don’t look too bad.

Jump into the slideshow at the top of the article to see if the sedan’s future could be secured with an infusion of SUV DNA.

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