As a reader, you are almost certainly a proper gearhead and connoisseur of performance. As such, you’ve come to accept some bitter truths as we have, namely that driving a flashy, high-performance car makes you a ticket magnet in the eyes of the law. However, a new study from Insurify seeks to challenge that assumption. Sort of, anyway.

In short, Insurify sorted through its own database of 1.6 million auto insurance applications to find cars most often associated with getting speeding tickets. It’s not about the actual number of tickets issued, but rather, the percentage of drivers with a particular model that most often get nabbed for speeding. To arrive at that figure, the company did a simple comparison between the total number of models in its database versus the number of people driving that model who received a ticket.

With 225 million registered drivers in the United States, this study of 1.6 million insurance applicants isn’t exactly scientific. Still, it’s a sizable sample, and though it's a surprising list that's devoid of vehicles many people would associate with obsessive speeders (we’re looking at you, BMW and Audi drivers), we aren’t entirely shocked with the lineup.

Jump into the slide show for the top-ten countdown, where we find everything from hatchbacks to massive pickup trucks.

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