Some would argue Mercedes doesn't have a direct rival to the likes of the Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner. However, its Maybach division continues to push the envelope in its attempt to become a truly ultra-luxury brand. The extra-long sedan represents the pinnacle of sophistication for the double M. What if the fabled brand could kick things up a notch by using even posher materials?

This is where the Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture comes into play, taking the shape of a concept to preview a limited-run special edition due in early 2023. Influenced by high-end fashion, the ultimate S-Class comes with a two-tone exterior finish combining a dark nautical blue for the upper section of the body and wheels with a rose finish for the lower half. Of course, the real magic is inside the cabin.

Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture Concept

The color combo we saw on the outside continues in the opulent interior where bouclé fabric in blue, beige, and rose gold adorns the door cards and is also noticeable on the seats with their soft pillow aka scatter cushions. Rose gold accents give the impression you’re sitting inside a piece of jewelry, one that comes bundled with matching bags and apparel using the same bouclé fabric and Nappa leather.

Speaking of which, there’s white Nappa leather just about everywhere you look. Maybach went as far as to discreetly tweak the MBUX by giving the infotainment shimmering rose gold accents. In addition, the home button boasts a ring of rose gold and proudly carries the Mercedes-Maybach logo. From champagne flutes to white faux fur, it's safe to say the Haute Voiture is the most extravagant S-Class of them all.

There's no word about which engine the subsequent production car will use, but the majestic V12 reserved for the S680 model seems like an educated guess to us. As to how much it’s going to cost, prepare to pay well over $200,000 considering the lesser V8-powered S580 begins at $184,900. Mercedes-Benz USA has yet to announce pricing details for the regular S680, but it's certainly going to start with a "2."

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