While big motorhomes with all of the luxuries of home are neat, there's something really impressive when a company is able to pack many of these features into a tiny footprint. The Carthago C Compact Line from Germany is like this by having many of the amenities from a large RV despite this rig's width of just 6.96 feet (212 centimeters) and length of 21.88 feet (667 centimeters.

The layout includes a large bed at the very back. Also, a door opens to reveal a bathroom with a toilet and shower. A big refrigerator is against one wall. The kitchen includes a three-burner stove and a sink. A table provides a place to eat and occupants can move it when wanting more space.

Given the small footprint, the interior of this motorhome is pretty tight. There's not much room to stretch out, but the layout is attractive. Lots of lighting and several skylights keep the cabin bright. A dual-level floor and walls of cupboards provide lots of storage space, too. 

There are tanks for holding 39.63 gallons (150 liters) of fresh water and 36.98 gallons (140 liters) of waste water. The vehicle comes standard with an 80 amp-hour battery, and a customer can add a second one for more power. For occupant comfort, there's air conditioning and heating. Plus, the floor is heated.

On the outside, a door at the rear of the RV reveals a heated storage area that spans the whole width of the vehicle. You could fit a whole lot of stuff in here, maybe even something as large as a bike.

The Carthago C Compact Line uses a Fiat Ducato as its starting point. It comes with lots of safety features like hill descent control, cruise control, side wind assist, and stability control when towing a trailer.

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