Here’s a simple question we’ll pose to you, reader. Would you pay $25,000 over MSRP to get a special appearance package for a Dodge Charger? Admittedly, that’s a loaded question so let’s plug a bit more context into this. Would you pay $25,000 over MSRP to get Dodge’s new Daytona package on the Charger Hellcat Widebody? In this latest edition of market adjustment pricing, that’s what a Dodge dealership in Florida is hoping to get from buyers seeking Charger Daytona glory. That pushes the aging muscle sedan’s asking price to no less than $108,215.

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We were tipped off to this six-figure Charger from the folks at, which found the car advertised online at University Dodge in Davie, Florida. It’s worth noting that this isn’t just any Charger – the Daytona is a limited-edition model celebrating the 50th anniversary of the infamous winged Charger Daytona that dominated NASCAR in 1969 and 1970.


As such, only 501 examples will be built for North America, including 50 that are headed to Canada. So yes, there’s certainly a finite amount for Mopar fans to choose from. It should also be noted that the Daytona package isn’t entirely an aesthetic add-on. The Hellcat V8 gets a 10-horsepower bump to a total of 717 ponies, the same as what you'll find in the Challenger Hellcat.

2020 Charger Daytona Markup

Presently, it’s the only way to get the slight power boost in a Charger from the factory, though it forces us to ask the question again. Is it really worth paying the equivalent of an entire base model Charger in the name of market adjustment pricing?

The base price for a 2020 Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody is $71,140, with Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition models starting at $75,635. The specific vehicle mentioned in this article shows its window sticker online, and with a host of other options, the MSRP reaches $83,215. Apply a bit of basic math and you arrive at the $25,000 additional cost this dealership is asking.

Like it or not, at the end of the day the dealer can certainly ask any price it wants. Will people step up to pay it? Moparinsiders doesn’t think it’s worth the extra coin, but what do you think about this $108,000 Charger?

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