Does the Tesla Model X Live Up to the Hype?

The Tesla Model X is a bit of a head scratcher. Within its price range—the 75D starts at $83,000 before options and incentives, and the P90D with “Ludicrous” mode starts at $125,000—there are a vast array of tantalizingly fast, high-tech, and luxurious family vehicles. Everything from blisteringly quick Range Rover Sport SVRs to super-luxe Porsche Panameras. Nevertheless, Tesla’s Model X SUV stands a bit taller than most, and for a few reasons. On one hand, it’s a technical marvel of EV engineering and a clear look into the future. But crucially, on the other, it’s simply a wonderful place to be. Our friends over at Translogic recently got behind the wheel of the new Tesla Model X, and here’s what they had to say. RELATED: An Honest Review of the 2016 Tesla Model X

So is it perfect? Well, it’s close. Despite the Model X’s rather portly 5,000 pounds plus of weight, the X handles lightly and puts its power down with incredible ease. In fact, it might even be the comfiest seat in your house. At the same time, the X also returns a respectable 257 miles of all-electric range in its most economical 90D trim, and seats up to seven of your closest friends and family. From a technical standpoint, Tesla’s over-the-air updates continue to fine-tune the breed, and increase the abilities of its advanced Autopilot system, helping buyers to stay up to date with the most modern features, even years after their initial purchase. That said, features like the Falcon Wing doors and Bioweapon Defense Mode air-filtration system are surely unique, but you’ve got to wonder how much cost they added to the whole vehicle, and as Autoblog Green’s Sebastian Blanco points out, the expansive overhead glass canopy tends to let a bit too many of those dazzling light rays in. Even so, if you’ve got the money and are in the market for an SUV, the Tesla Model X more than warrants a look. RELATED: Will Early EVs Become Collector Cars Someday?