Does Nissan's Nismo 370Z Live Up To Its GT-R Sibling?

Nissan Z cars will forever hold a dear place in many auto enthusiasts' hearts. The original cars were fun, driver-centric machines that put you in control of the car. If you screwed up, it was definitely your fault. But the modern 370Z, takes a different approach. Using more mechanics and electronic wizardry, that driver control takes a back seat–something especially true with the Nismo-tuned 370Z. We were given the chance to flog the new Nismo 370Z for a full week around southern California’s mountain roads. And during that time, we felt a bit of a disconnect between the driver and the car. With that, the Nismo is still a hugely impressive automobile. RELATED: Click here to see more photos of the Nismo 370Z
Does Nissan's Nismo 370Z Live Up To Its GT-R Sibling?
However, it seems that soul that was present in past cars just isn't there. And in the wake of Nissan’s almighty, technical masterpiece, the GT-R, the 370Z was forced into the same type of hole the GT-R was. One that is brilliant on the track, but leaves you with a hollow victory. Here’s what else we had to say.
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