The McLaren 650S is a Stunning Piece of Supercar Engineering: Video Review

Recently, I lived out a boyhood fantasy. I got the chance to drive a supercar around town for a few days. It was bright yellow, had gullwing doors, cost twice the price of a small house, and sounded like a fighter jet taking off. It was the absurdly outlandish McLaren 650S. While some might characterize McLaren as a rather stoic marque, its cars are anything but. The McLaren 650S is rawer than any Viper ever produced, more luxurious on rough surface than a Mercedes E-Class. It seems faster than light itself when you mash your foot to the floor. It is an absolutely breathtaking machine. RELATED: See More of the 641-Horsepower McLaren 650S   But better than just telling you that a supercar is absolutely ridiculous, we thought we’d give you something a bit more dynamic— a bit more in your face. So here's our video review of this wonderful machine:
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