'Mad Max: Fury Road' Will Make Other Action Movies Scared

For the last few years, directors, producers, and movie studios have been rebooting, re-imagining, and re-building new sequels of movies that came out decades ago. Some movie critics might describe that as  'a considerate lack of imagination.' Think about all the recent reboots— Transformers, Robocop, Death Race; the list goes on. That’s why when Warner Bros. announced it was going to “reboot” Mad Max, we all got a bit worried. The original films were pulpy, action packed, ridiculousness set in the post apocalyptic wasteland that once was Australia’s outback. The original movie made Mel Gibson a household name well before his insane antics. Even to this day, the film stands the test of time as a great piece of action movie history. So how was the studio going to recapture that gritty storytelling that we saw in the first film? Bring back original director George Miller, of course. RELATED: Evolution of the Mad Max Interceptor Miller not only rekindles the spark that made the original films amazing, but Mad Max: Fury Road gives the rest of the action movie world the middle finger in its bold storyline and non-stop action that hits you like a runaway freight train throughout the entire film. Unlike most modern action movies, Mad Max: Fury Road doesn’t pull punches, it doesn’t have some sappy love story to “pull it all together." The hero doesn’t have a crisis, the movie just explodes and the entire world keeps detonating anything and everything in sight up until the very end when the credits roll. Now, this isn’t some Michael Bay Transformers explosion movie. While there are many, many explosions, there’s almost no CGI. And you can actually tell what’s happening during the scenes without squinting your eyes or trying to fill in the blurry pieces with your imagination. Everything in Mad Max: Fury Road is there for a reason, and everything in the film is gorgeous to look at. Especially all the vehicles that make up part of the cast. RELATED: Watch the Latest Mad Max Fury Road Trailer While Miller stuck to the original feel of the films, Fury Road is definitely its own beast when it comes to the cars and trucks used. I won’t spoil it for it for you (ok, maybe I will), but Max’s Ford Interceptor is in the film, and it’s just as raw and ridiculous as you might all remember. But it’s hardly the star it once was. Fury Road takes on a new caliber of cars and trucks that will make any gearhead envious of the men and women that got to build and drive them. Between The War Rig that Charlize Theron pilots, to the insane Doof Wagon and Gigahorse that make up the villain Immortan Joe’s army, Mad Max: Fury Road is all about taking the insane and upping the level to a billion. Mad Max: Fury Road not only captures the same intensity, the same brilliant filmmaking, and the same breathtaking action sequences of the original series, but brings a level of magnitude that is all its own. This isn’t just another summer action flick, but rather, it’s the action flick that all other summer action movies should hope to live up to. RELATED: A Vision of Future Racing That's Gone All 'Mad Max' ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide