Driving the Morgan 3 Wheeler is More Fun Than You Can Imagine: Video Review

A few days ago, after moving from Chicago to LA, I got the best house warming gift I could possibly ask for: a Morgan 3 Wheeler. Immediately I knew it was something special. Never before have so many passers by given me a thumbs up or almost caused an accident staring at this thing. It's about as inconspicuous as a car can get. The noisy V-Twin motor vibrates every fiber of your being, the open top puts more than a few bugs in your teeth, and it’s about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on. All said and done, the Morgan 3 Wheeler is a wonderful machine. RELATED: See More of the Wonderful Morgan 3 Wheeler So thank you, Morgan Motor Co. for letting me hoon it for a few days. I greatly enjoyed my Morgan Adventure. Watch our full video review below:
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