The Ford F-150 King Ranch is an Excercise in American Exceptionalism: Review

My introduction to the automotive world was a bit different from most people’s introduction. It wasn’t through the auspices of racing, or even drooling over all the new supercars, though, those would inevitably come later. No, my introduction was decidedly Midwestern in its approach. I was baptized in the waters that flowed with the F Series pickup, and to this day, I have a deep sore spot for these trucks. For four straight years, I worked for a local Parks Department. And while we may have actually had a “Ron Swanson” as the Parks Director, the main reason to get out of bed each early morning was to drive all the ridiculous trucks we had in the department. We had a Triton V10 F-250, a Powerstroke F-350, and an F-650 dump truck.  It was possibly the manliest garage in the State of Illinois. You’ll understand now why I was so eager to try out the new F-150 King Ranch when Ford offered it to me. My question was could this lighter, more powerful, and more upscale F Series live up to my nostalgic notions of what a truck should be? Oh hell yeah. RELATED: See More of the 2015 Ford F-150 When the truck was dropped off, the outside world in Chicago was a very different world than the day I write this article. Snow, salt, and more snow filled the streets. Sub zero temperatures raged, and no one in their right minds would be caught dead outside for more than the minute. Essentially, Chicago was Hoth. Seeing as it was a typical Chicago winter then, it seemed like the best conditions to test the new King Ranch. The week prior to the King Ranch I had the new Chevy Colorado, and as some of you might remember. I took it off roading and managed to get it stuck almost immediately. Granted, some of you knocked me for pushing the little pickup through some the worst conditions. But after testing out the King Ranch in the exact same setting, I stand by my assessment, because the Ford cut through all that slush like a hot knife through butter. RELATED: Read More Abut my Adventure With the Chevy Colorado Having the ability to lock your differentials in anything that has any semblance of off-road capability is essential, and the King Ranch proved that point perfectly. Unlike the Range Rover (coming soon), I didn't have to use balls to the wall speed to punch through the snow. With the King Ranch, you’d just sit there putting along at 5 mph in 2ft of wet snow, bouncing effortlessly through everything in front of you. It was astounding how well this truck handled everything I threw at it. However, it’s the new 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine under the hood that really impressed me. Like I said, I’ve driven quite a few F Series pickups with differing engines. But none of them equal the sheer get up and go of this new EcoBoost. Now this might not come into the minds of most King Ranch buyers, but I clocked the 0-60 mph of the truck at a scant 5.5 seconds. That’s hugely impressive with a truck of this size. Especially when compared to Dodge’s EcoDiesel 1500, which needs 7.4 seconds to accomplish the same task. RELATED: See Photos of the Ram 1500 EcoDiesel That said, the motor doesn’t have the same V8 tone that many have come to know and love. This engine is decidedly modern, and it’s easy to see why Ford chose this platform for not only this truck, but for the new Ford GT as well. This truck isn’t just about mud, sweat, and cow rustling, though— it's got enough creature comforts to put some Mercedes' to shame.also about a comfort that puts some Mercedes' to shame. Stepping into the world of the King Ranch is like stepping onto a millionaire’s cattle ranch. The new F-150 King Ranch indeed has all the capability of a full-size pickup, but the interior is stylized with a wisp of a very American aristocratic ideal. Everything that’s in reach of the driver, passenger, and back seat feels absolutely wonderful to the touch. Between the soft leather seats that massage and warm your butt, to the entertainment system that is an audiophiles dream— this truck is all about bathing you in luxury as you take on everything the world can throw at you. And there was one feature, in particular, that stands out in my mind. RELATED: Watch How a Bentley Wraps You in a Cocoon of Excellence Since this pickup is so massive in just about every conceivable way, its size might make it a bit difficult for those of smaller stature to get into. That’s why Ford installed what I affectionately call the “Jeeves” feature.  Pop the locks and open up any of the King Ranch’s four doors, and a motorized running board powers down to help you step in. It’s something we’ve definitely seen before. But for whatever reason, every time I use “Jeeves,” it still puts a dumb grin on my face. It’s such a small part of this larger than life truck, but it perfectly encapsulates its personality. Tough as nails without sacrificing amenities. While many have worried about the new aluminum body on the F-150, all those naysayers are missing the overall awesome truck Ford has built. Between the off-road capability, the massive towing and hauling ratings, and the sheer amount of comfort this thing offers, it’s one of the best trucks on the market, and can even outclass some German’s SUV’s. With the new King Ranch, Ford’s “Built Ford Tough” might need to be changed to “Built Ford Tough…and Comfy!” Though, I'm not sure how that would sound on commercials... Specs: Engine: 3.5L EcoBoost V6 Horsepower: 365 Towing Capacity: 11,800lbs Price (as tested): $62,595 Pros: Tons of space Amazing engine with decent fuel economy Comfort that rivals most luxury SUVs 360 degree cameras Cons: It’s the size of an aircraft carrier Infotainment is impossible to navigate easily ____________________________________ Click Here to Read the Original Article on BoldRide