This Video Will Make You Fall In Love With the Nissan Skyline R33

When the opportunity comes along to spend the day with a classic Japanese supercar, you don’t ask questions. You don’t diddle, you just get up onto your feet, hop into your car, and speed to wherever said classic supercar is.

Last month we got the chance to spend the day with one of the greatest Japanese supercars of all time — a Skyline GT-R. And you read that correctly, it’s not the R35 we’ve come to know here in the U.S., but rather, a pristine example of a JDM R33, and it is absolutely magnificent. The owner, Mr. Harris Khatri, was kind enough to let us to bring our cameras and shoot this quick video detailing what this R33 Skyline really is, and why he fell in love with it. Between the right hand drive that confuses just about everyone, to the absolute insanity that is unleashed when you put your foot down onto the accelerator, this car deserves every bit of praise you can muster. We absolutely fell in love with it, and so will you.