Morgan Three-Wheeler Is a Love of Driving, Distilled [video]

With the amount of supercars that we pore over every day, it is pretty hard to impress us with a particular car these days. It is even harder to impress us when a car only has something like 100 horsepower– but when that car is the retro-fantastic Morgan three-wheeler, we take pause. RELATED: See More Photos of the Morgan Three-Wheeler Our pal, Jeff Glucker over a Hooniverse, was able to get behind the wheel of this throwback, three-wheeled beauty. It should come as no surprise that he loved it– just as our own Jeff Perez did when he was taken for a ride last year. Check out what Glucker had to say in Hooniverse’s review below:
In reviewing this car, Jeff made us mad with jealousy. A motorcycle engine, sending power through a Miata manual transmission, to a single rear wheel? Where do we sign up? And the difference between other cars that are as attention-getting as the Morgan– it is actually affordable! PHOTOS: See More of the 2012 Morgan Three-Wheeler Gulf Edition Source: Hooniverse