1997 Top Gear Review Is Entertainingly Sedate [video]

The UK television show Top Gear is certainly the top dog in automotive programming, reviewing the world’s most coveted supercars well before anyone else. But in 1997, the show was…well…still top dog — it was just a little less flashy. It took years to build the show’s reputation to where it could be trusted with million-dollar hypercars; so back in ’97 they were still covering “normal” means of transportation. This clip shows a fuzzy-haired Jeremy Clarkson talking about the “trunk space” and “rear seat room” on the 1998 Audi A6. It’s almost comical to think that in the '90s, Top Gear would be covering such pedestrian features. Then you realize this segment was still the best in the world compared to other forms of automotive programing at the time. We’ve come a long way baby:
RELATED: See More Photos of the 1998 Audi A6 It’s interesting to hear Clarkson call the Audi’s Tiptronic automatic an “F1-style” gearbox, considering the latest crop of performance dual clutch gearboxes really are derived from Formula 1 technology. Then there is some goofy music and terrible choice in sunglasses to help us laugh off the rest of this clip. It just goes to show you how far we’ve come, and what goofballs we were in the '90s. VIDEOS: See More of Top Gear Welcome to Throwback Thursday. This is our new feature where we'll look back at car reviews and ads from days done by and poke fun at how ridiculous our hair looked 20 years ago. Enjoy! Source: BBC World