If you're looking for a sporty, fun Nissan- try to save for a GT-R

When you take a look at the Nissan 370Z, what does it make you think? It's sporty, it's pretty nimble, and– hell– we'll even give it a check mark for 'dapper good looks' (put that in your commercial, Nissan). But when these three things, and a few other elements all come together, it sort of meets in the middle in one awkward feeling, overpriced, orange nugget. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start from the beginning.

The Nissan 370Z, is a car. And if we want to get even more technical, it's a sportscar. A Japanese one at that. It has a powerful engine, two seats and a six-speed manual gearbox. Check, check, check. So, where did Nissan go wrong? I have no idea.

Two Seats are Better than None

Nissan 370Z Review: A Pretty Face, Lacking Pace

Like I said, I love the way the Z car looks. It's sharp, it's got a long hood and a short back. And it's only got two seats, thank the sweet heavens above. In a world filled with four-seat sportscars- ugh- it's nice to see something a little less practical and bit more passion. Technology and quality are on point. Electric seats, Bluetooth, navigation, leather, other things; it's all put together nicely, with no carbon fiber to be seen. But then again, at nearly $40K, that kit all better be there. Because $40K expensive for a car made for only two occupants.

It Ain't Your Daddy's Z

Nissan 370Z Review: A Pretty Face, Lacking Pace

As with the original Z car that was introduced by Datsun back before I was born, it was a call to all enthusiasts looking for something sporty and fun and attractive. But the 370- while it may have the attractive thing going for it, just doesn't have the brawn to live up to the legend. I'll make myself clear- yes, a 3.7L 332-hp V6 is a damn powerful engine in a light-ish sportscar, and at speed, it cooks. Problem is, the American-ized Nissan thinks that us fuel-gargling Americans want power over weight distribution. That is not so. As the Scion FR-S was damn near perfect in every corner, the Z lags and lugs around 'a ton' of weight up front. Note to Nissan: "Simplify, then add lightness."

Overall: 77%

Nissan 370Z Review: A Pretty Face, Lacking Pace

In total, it looked good- massive sharp wheels paired to a fat-bottomed long-waisted orange coupe. But more often than not it felt like drivable novocaine. Numb, unresponsive, heavy- fast, in a sense, but really just more of a pretty thing to look at.

THE BASICS Make: Nissan Model: 370Z Engine: 3.7L V6 HP: 332 MPG: 19/26