Consumer Reports Gives Tesla Near-Perfect Score

The gold standard for empirical reviews on everything from refrigerators to garden hoses has just weighed in on the Tesla Model S, giving it a score of 99 out of a possible 100. CR is calling the Model S the "best car that it has ever tested." Many of the automotive journalists out there have had big eyes for the Model S and the praise has been coming in droves, but Consumer Reports are usually the folks who are unfazed by such whims, so this score is not to be taken lightly. The review highlighted the car's range of 208 to 265 miles, and its charging time of just six hours with the 240v charger. The only point it lost was actually in the charging time. "If it could recharge in any gas station in three minutes," said Jake Fisher of Consumer Reports, "this car would score about 110."  The model S was also lauded as the quietest car that they have ever driven. This was not the first time that a car has scored a 99/100. The 2009 Lexus LX460 was the only other vehicle to earn such a high score, but apparently, according to CR, the Model S is their all-time favorite. PHOTOS: See more of the Tesla Model S

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