Hooniverse Drives a Morgan Three-Wheeler, Induces Jealousy

That SOB did it again. While we've only gotten a whiff of the throwback goodness that is the Morgan Three-Wheeler, our good friend Jeff Glucker at Hooniverse was able to get seat-time with the diminutive runabout. To say that we're stewing in a broth of jealousy would be an understatement in the highest order. Glucker benefits from having friends and high places, and one such friend is Alex Roy. Before we get to the Morgan, we should discuss the accomplishments of one Alexander Roy, who at the age of 41, has owned you in the "winning-at-life" department. He is a familiar face at the Gumball Rallies, where he first stood out. He has written a book on drives like the Gumball where breaking traffic laws is routine. The book, The Driver: My Dangerous Pursuit of Speed and Truth in the Outlaw Racing World, chronicles his Gumball exploits, as well as setting a record lap of Manhattan by night. Oh, if that were not enough, he was the former chair of The Moth...as in the Moth Radio Hour. Seriously. But back to the thing we're really jealous about. Glucker was attending an afterparty of the 2013 New York International Auto Show, and apparently Roy pulled up in this three-wheeler. After some gawking, Glucker asked if he could sit in the Morgan, Roy suggested he should drive it. In short, the build quality of the Morgan is shoddy, but the driving experience is thrilling. You can read more about Glucker's time with the Morgan Three-Wheeler here! Source: Hooniverse