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Your car travels everywhere with you, so it’s just a matter of time before its carpets develop stains or fill up with debris. With floor mats, you can protect your car’s carpet and easily remove and clean the mats when you need to. Keep reading to learn about the best floor mats for cars on the market.

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#1 Best Overall: Platinum Shield Floor Mats

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Floor mats from are customized to fit your vehicle, which isn’t common among competing products. The synthetic leather material is visually sleek and durable. It’s resistant to damage from water, scratches, and punctures, and the unique diamond design makes it easy to clean.

These mats are easy to install with snap-in placement that prevents lifting and sliding. The top of the mats are coated to prevent your foot from slipping when accelerating or braking.

Key Features

  • Custom floor fit
  • Diamond design
  • Synthetic leather with a memory foam core
  • Several color options
  • Anti-slip
  • Five-year limited warranty

What Customers Are Saying

There are more than 21,000 reviews for products on its website, however it is difficult to find reviews on the floor mats. Overall, more than 98 percent of customers give products a 4.0- or 5.0-star rating. Although reviews of the Platinum Shield Floor Mats are not easily accessible, is a reputable brand known for high-quality products and strong customer service.



#2 Most Affordable: FH Group F11311 Rubber Floor Mat

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This floor mat set comes with four mats to place on the carpet of your front and back seats. The mats are made of rubber material, making them resistant to liquids and stains and trimmable to the size of your vehicle.

FH Group has the widest variety of colors out of the floor mats in this review. You can choose from eight shades to add a pop of color to your car.

Key Features

  • 4 pieces
  • Black, red, blue, beige, purple, pink, burgundy, or gray color
  • Rubber
  • Anti-slip
  • Trimmable
  • Waterproof
  • Stain resistant
  • 180-day warranty

What Customers Are Saying

This product received an Amazon rating of 4.5 stars after over 4,500 customers reviewed it. While this is 0.1 stars above the Amazon average in this review, our team lowered its rating slightly after considering reviews from other websites.

Customers like how affordable these mats are because in the past, they have paid more than double the price for only one car floor mat. Most customers only need to trim a little off of the front seat mats and say it is easy to do with a pair of scissors. Some customers say that the mats are a little flimsy and not as heavy duty as FH Group says they are. There are also complaints about Amazon saying it would fit their car when it didn't. However, most of these customers didn’t try to trim them.



#3 Best For Trucks: Husky Liners SuperCrew Weatherbeater Front & Second Seat Floor Mats


This Husky Liners floor mat set was designed for pickup trucks with two mats for the front seats and one long one for the back seat. If the mats are too big, you can use scissors to trim along the edges.

Husky Liners’ products come with a lifetime guarantee. This means that you can contact them for a replacement at any time.

Key Features

  • 3 pieces
  • Black, tan, or gray color
  • Rubber
  • Anti-slip
  • Lifetime warranty

What Customers Are Saying

About 2,700 Amazon customers have rated this product and given it an average score of 4.8 stars. Its rating increases after including reviews from other e-commerce retailers.

Customers mention how they like this floor mat set better than a similar set from WeatherTech. They say that these fit better in their trucks and don't slip around. However, the few customers that have left negative reviews say the clips that keep the mats in place easily snap when trying to remove them for cleaning.



#4 Armor All 78840ZN 4-Piece All Season Rubber Floor Mat


Armor All’s four-piece floor mat set works in a wide variety of cars. You can customize the mats by buying them in black, tan, or gray and by trimming them to perfectly fit the size and shape of your car’s carpet.

These mats work well in all seasons and all weather conditions. This means you can count on it collecting the sand in the summer and the snow in the winter.

Key Features

  • 4 pieces
  • Black, tan, or gray color
  • Rubber
  • Anti-slip
  • Trimmable
  • All-season
  • Curl, crack, and harden resistant
  • 60-day warranty

What Customers Are Saying

Over 7,300 customers rated this product on Amazon and gave it a score of 4.5 stars out of 5.0, which is 0.1 stars above the Amazon average for the four Amazon car floor mats in this review. However, after adding in reviews from other leading e-commerce websites, its score increases.

Customers with a wide variety of cars use these floor mats. They say that they require little trimming, if any. However, the product receives mixed reviews in terms of smell. Some customers say they are odorless, and some say they have a strong chemical smell. Other customers comment on how the ones meant for the back seat are a little small.



#5 Motor Trend MT-923-BK Deep Dish Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats


Motor Trend’s floor mats are designed to keep stains off of your carpet. They are heavy duty, which prevents any liquid from seeping into the car carpet below, and they even have raised edges, which acts as a pool to keep the liquid inside.

The mats also have rubber nibs on its underside. These nibs dig into the carpet, which prevents the mats from sliding around.

Key Features

  • 3 pieces
  • Black, gray, beige, brown, burgundy, or blue color
  • Rubber
  • Anti-slip
  • Trimmable
  • Heavy duty
  • Crack and deform resistant
  • Odorless

What Customers Are Saying

Close to 16,000 Amazon customers reviewed this product and gave it a score of 4.2 stars, which is 0.2 stars below the Amazon average in this review. While its score increased with reviews from other retailers, that is still slightly below the overall average.

Customers think these are an affordable alternative to purchasing custom-fit floor mats. Customers say that they come in a large size on purpose so that you can trim them down. However, they don’t work well for cars that have curves in the floor. Because of how thick the mat is, you can’t get the mats to properly bend.

The 5 Best Floor Mats For Cars



Buying A Car Floor Mat: Factors To Consider

Take a look at all of the factors that go into choosing floor mats for your vehicle.

Material Type

You can either buy carpet or rubber floor mats.


Carpet floor mats look like the ones that come with your car. They’re generally more attractive than rubber ones, but if they get dirty, you are left with a stain.


Rubber floor mats are easier to maintain than carpet ones. Because of their material, you can remove them and wash any debris or stains away. They also give you the ability to trim off any excess rubber to better fit your vehicle.

Set Type

There are four types of sets. In this review, we focused on the three-piece and four-piece ones.

  • Two-piece set: A two-piece set comes with two mats for either the carpet on the two front seats or the two back seats.
  • Three-piece set: A three-piece set has mats for both front seats and one long mat to place over the entire back-seat carpet.
  • Four-piece set: This set breaks the back-seat mat from the three-piece set into two mats to give you a total of four mats.
  • Five-piece set: This set has separate mats for the two front seats and two back seats. It also comes with a mat to place in the trunk of your vehicle if you drive a truck or SUV.


You’ll want to find a mat that stays in place. The best anti-slip mats have clasps or snaps that hook into the original floor mats of your vehicle or nibs that dig into the vehicle’s carpet fibers.


Heavy-duty floor mats will be thicker and do a better job at preventing debris and liquid from reaching the car’s carpet. However, they can be less aesthetically pleasing. If appearance is more important to you, you may want to go with a thinner mat.


Most of the floor mats you find on the market aren’t going to be designed for your specific vehicle. This means you’ll want the ability to trim the mats so that they better fit your car.


Some rubber mats are made with a chemical called bisphenol A or BPA. While the FDA has said small amounts of this chemical are safe, it does have a strong chemical smell. If you are sensitive to odors, we would recommend looking for a mat set that says “odorless,” “BPA-free,” or “non-toxic.”



FAQ: Best Car Floor Mats

What is the purpose of floor mats for cars?

Floor mats are placed on top of your car’s floor to protect the carpet below. Instead of vacuuming the floors of your car, you can pull out the rubber mats, rinse them off, and put them back in place. This makes cleanup quick and easy and keeps your car looking new.

Can I buy custom floor mats for my car?

Yes. You can buy custom mats designed for your car’s specific make, model, and year. However, these can cost a couple hundred dollars, which is why some drivers opt for trimmable ones that they can customize themselves.

Are car floor mats dangerous?

In 2009, Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a safety advisory on floor mats for popular car models, including the Camry and Prius. The advisory warned that some mats cause the gas pedal to get stuck, leading to unintentional acceleration. There have also been some lawsuits against car floor mat manufacturers for this exact reason.

If the floor mat properly fits your car and is anti-slip, then they are safe to use. However, if they aren’t properly manufactured, they can run the risk of causing an accident.