What’s right for your neighbor may not be right for you.

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While it may seem tedious to compare multiple car insurance quotes when shopping for car insurance, the cost difference between providers can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. At the same time, you want to make sure you have the right amount of coverage to give you peace of mind.

Our review of the best car insurance companies should give you an idea of what makes for a good provider and a good policy. Below, we’ll get into the best ways to shop for insurance and how you can get great deals.

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Why Should You Compare Multiple Car Insurance Quotes?

Why do you buy car insurance in the first place? One reason is that every state has minimum basic car insurance requirements that you must meet in order to drive legally. If your only interest in car insurance is that you meet state minimums, then you may only be interested in the lowest possible premiums.

If this is the case, to find the best price, you need to compare quotes. While most car insurance companies use the same or similar criteria to set rates, how each company weighs certain factors may be different.

Another reason to buy car insurance is to protect a valuable and vital asset: your vehicle. If you want insurance for this reason, cost is not your only concern. Coverage options and policy details are equally, if not more, important.

A cheap car insurance policy isn’t worth low premiums if your vehicle isn’t properly protected. Comparing multiple car insurance quotes is the only way to ensure that you find the right balance for your needs.

How To Compare Multiple Car Insurance Quotes

Comparing multiple premiums among insurance options is easy. One will be lower and the other higher. But how much is a higher deductible worth? Which type of coverage is least expensive in the long term? While it is easy to see which rates are lower, it’s not always clear which auto insurance policies will save you the most money in time.

For example, if you buy only a state minimum liability auto insurance policy, you will pay very little in premiums. However, without collision coverage, you will be required to pay out-of-pocket for your own vehicle repairs if you are at fault in an accident. In this way, a low-cost, low-coverage option can end up being more expensive.

Comparing multiple car insurance quotes is easier when you understand what the different types of coverage are and the significance of your deductible.

Types Of Car Insurance Coverage

There are six standard types of auto insurance that are offered by most major insurance companies.

Liability auto insurance: Most states require this type of coverage. If you get into an accident and are at fault, liability coverage will pay for property damage and medical bills for the other driver. Liability does not pay for your own medical expenses or vehicle repair costs.

Most liability coverage has a maximum payout limit per person and per accident. If your liability coverage does not fully compensate the other driver for expenses incurred as a result of the crash, you could be sued for additional damages.

Collision coverage: Collision coverage will pay for repairs to your vehicle regardless of who is at fault for an accident. If the other driver is at fault, you will likely file a claim through their liability insurance. When you file a claim with your own collision coverage, your premiums may increase.

Comprehensive car insurance: Comprehensive coverage will pay to repair your car when it is damaged by vandalism or natural events like flooding.

While most states only require liability coverage, it is generally a good idea to seek out full coverage auto insurance. Full coverage generally means purchasing liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance. Unless you can afford expensive vehicle repairs out of pocket, it’s a good idea to have such coverage.

Medical payments (MedPay): MedPay reimburses you for medical costs associated with an accident for you and your passengers.

Personal injury protection (PIP): PIP pays for medical bills for you and your passengers after an accident, regardless of fault. Additionally, PIP can include death benefits and compensation for lost wages.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM): You are covered in the event that you are in an accident with an at-fault driver that does not have sufficient insurance.

Car Insurance Deductibles

Anytime you purchase car insurance, you will have limits and deductibles described in your insurance documents. These are important things to pay attention to when comparing multiple  car insurance quotes.

Policies with low coverage limits and high car insurance deductibles are usually very affordable up front, but such policies also have high out-of-pocket costs should your vehicle be damaged in an accident. On the other hand, if you have a low deductible, you may have a high monthly payment but not have to pay as much in the event of an accident.

When comparing multiple car insurance quotes, make sure that your limits and deductibles are in line with your lifestyle so you can get the protection you need.

What Factors Impact Your Insurance Quotes?

One reason it is so important to compare multiple car insurance rates is that prices are different for every customer. The following are factors that insurers generally take into account when determining your auto insurance premiums.

Factor Details


Not all providers use gender to determine premiums. In some states, it is illegal to do so.

Even in states where there is a difference in premiums between men and women, the difference is slight. Nationally, premiums for men are higher, but this is not the case in every state.


Age is one of the major factors car insurance companies use to determine risk. Younger drivers tend to get into more accidents and file more claims than older, more experienced drivers.

Rates are highest for 16-year-olds and drop as drivers age. Rates level off around age 30 and start to rise again at 60.

Driving Record

Your driving record is an indication of how well you drive. If you have many citations, your auto insurance rates will soar. Having a DUI on your record is especially bad for your rates.

Credit Score

The better your credit score, the lower your premiums. People with worse credit scores tend to file more claims.


If you live in a neighborhood with a high crime rate or a city with a lot of auto accidents, your insurance rates will be higher.

Marital Status

Married couples tend to file fewer claims than single people. If you are married, you can also usually get auto insurance rate reductions by bundling insurance policies with your spouse.


Vehicles with more safety features are less expensive to insure. Vehicles that cost less are also less expensive to insure, because that usually means they will cost less to repair. High performance vehicles with expensive parts are expensive to insure.


Some car insurance agencies weigh certain factors more than others when determining premiums. There are providers that specialize in insurance options for people who usually receive high quotes from other companies. These include drivers who are young, have bad credit, or have a DUI.

By comparing multiple car insurance quotes, you can discover which providers work best for your driver profile.

How To Reduce Your Auto Insurance Premiums

No matter which insurance provider you decide to go with, you want to reduce the monthly rate you pay as much as possible. Here are some tips that can help you start saving money.

Look For Discounts

Most providers offer specialized discounts. Common types of discounts include:

  • Discounts for policy bundling
  • Multi-vehicle discounts
  • Low-mileage discounts
  • Good student discounts
  • Usage-based discounts

When you’re shopping for car insurance, see if you can take advantage of any of these discounts.

Choose A Higher Deductible

Policies with higher deductibles generally have lower monthly payments. Just be sure that you don’t make your deductible so high that you can’t afford to pay it.

If you know you are unlikely to get into an accident, a high deductible policy could be a good idea. If you drive in a crowded city with a lot of accidents, a high deductible policy probably isn’t for you.

Take A Defensive Driving Class

Completing a defensive driving class can lower your car insurance rates by as much as 15 percent. If you’re already insured, ask an insurance agent before signing up for a class to make sure you are eligible for such a reduction and the class you plan to take is approved.

In some states, insurers are required to provide defensive driving discounts. These states include:




South Carolina







New Jersey




New York




North Dakota





West Virginia





District of Columbia






Rhode Island


Compare Multiple Car Insurance Quotes

Shopping around is the best tip for reducing auto insurance rates. There are a huge number of insurance providers, most specializing in different areas or customer bases. You need to look to find the perfect option for your needs and demographic.

Remember: Don’t simply pick the cheapest option. You want to be sure your insurance agency has quality claims servicing and strong customer support. Getting into an accident is a stressful event. You don’t want to make it worse by dealing with a long claims process.

Our Recommendations For Car Insurance Quotes

When we reviewed the best auto insurance companies in the nation, Geico and USAA were two that came out on top for excellent coverage, prices, and customer experiences. Learn more about our top picks below, and enter your zip code or call (855) 518-0148 to start comparing multiple car insurance quotes.


Geico Car Insurance: Best Overall

Geico is a household name in the United States. But a British gecko isn’t the only one that recommends Geico. We think Geico’s broad range of coverage and nationwide availability make it an excellent place to start when comparing multiple insurance quotes online. We rate Geico auto insurance at 4.5 stars out of 5.0, because the company offers reliable claims service and low-cost premiums.

AM Best rates Geico’s financial strength at A++. Such a score indicates that Geico has the financial stability to pay out customer claims. Not only is Geico reliable at paying claims, it makes the claims filing process simple. With Geico’s mobile app, you can file a claim quickly, and response times are fast, too.

USAA Car Insurance: Best For Military

USAA car insurance is the only provider we rate a full 5.0 stars. It is second only to Geico, because USAA has limited availability. You or someone in your immediate family must be a member of the U.S. armed services in order to purchase USAA car insurance.

We aren’t the only ones to give USAA a perfect score. The J.D. Power 2019 Auto Claims Satisfaction StudySM rated USAA insurance at the top of the pack, and AM Best gives USAA’s financial strength an A++. An easy claims filing process and high customer satisfaction make USAA an easy recommendation.

FAQ When Comparing Multiple Car Insurance Quotes

Is it cheaper to put two cars on one policy?

It is usually cheaper to insure two cars under the same policy than it is to purchase two separate policies. Most auto insurance providers offer discounts for multi-car policies. Many companies also provide discounts when bundling different types of insurance, such as home and auto insurance, as well as life insurance.

Which comparison site is best for car insurance?

We don’t think there is one single best comparison site for car insurance. Because different drivers have different coverage needs, it is important to compare multiple car insurance quotes side by side yourself to get the most accurate price. You can then research each company across multiple websites.

Can I have multiple car insurance policies?

Yes, you can have insurance policies for multiple cars. You can have a different policy for every car you own, but it is usually less expensive to insure all of your vehicles under the same policy.

You could also have two policies for the same car, though this is not recommended. Even if you have two car insurance policies on a single vehicle, you cannot file claims with both policies for the same accident.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance?

In our research, we found that Geico and USAA are two low-cost providers that still offer excellent coverage. However, there is no provider that offers the cheapest auto insurance for everyone. Rates vary by state and according to the driver’s age, marital status, credit score, and driving history.

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