Ocean Harbor Insurance is cheap for a reason.


When comparing car insurance options, it can be tempting to go with the cheapest provider. But you should look for insurance that does more than keep your car legal. Ocean Harbor may provide low-cost options for minimum coverage, but Ocean Harbor Insurance reviews are astoundingly negative.

Negative reviews for car insurance companies are common. When insurance works smoothly, drivers don’t usually take the time to leave a comment. But the claims process can be stressful, and policyholders are more likely to leave a complaint. In this article, we take a look at the reviews to see whether Ocean Harbor Insurance is worth it.

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In This Article:

Ocean Harbor Insurance Overview

Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance is a home and car insurance company also known by its parent company, Pearl Holding Group. Ocean Harbor serves auto policies in several states, but it operates primarily in Florida.

The car insurance company has an AM Best financial strength rating of B, meaning that it isn’t likely to go out of business anytime soon. Some Ocean Harbor Insurance reviews claim that the company is a scam, but it is a legitimate insurer with a stable revenue stream. It just may not be the best option for cheap auto insurance.

Ocean Harbor Coverage

Auto insurance coverage offered by Ocean Harbor includes:

    • Liability coverage: Liability auto insurance pays for damages to vehicles in the event that you are responsible for an accident. Minimum insurance requirements in most states require liability coverage.
    • Collision coverage: Collision insurance pays for damage to your vehicle in the event of a collision.
    • Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive car insurance pays for damage to your vehicle that is the result of non-collision events such as severe weather or theft.
    • Personal injury protection: Ocean Harbor personal injury protection covers 80% of your medical bills and 60% of loss of income that results from an accident. It will also pay out a death benefit in the event that the worst should occur.
    • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: Uninsured motorist coverage will help pay for damages to your vehicle if you get into an accident with someone who does not have insurance.

According to Ocean Harbor insurance reviews, coverage is very limited. Customers claim that Ocean Harbor does not usually cover the full cost of damages. The company may meet its legal obligations to customers, but attempts to pay out as little as possible according to some customers.

Cost Of Ocean Harbor Auto Insurance

There is no fixed insurance price for everyone. The following factors are commonly used to assess premiums:

  • Age
  • Vehicle make and model
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • City
  • Credit score
  • Driving record

Based on Ocean Harbor Insurance reviews, the premiums for Ocean Harbor insurance are very cheap. The company seems to specialize in providing customers with the minimum legal coverage at the lowest possible rates.

How much car insurance you need is different for everyone. But state minimum coverage requirements are low and often not enough. While cost is certainly a factor, the whole point of auto insurance is to be protected.

Quotes And Claims Processes

Getting quotes and filing claims should be the most streamlined parts of the car insurance process. Ocean Harbor Insurance does a poor job at both.


Ocean Harbor sells its insurance products exclusively through independent agents. On its website, there is a button titled “find an agent.” Clicking this button led us to the number for Ocean Harbor’s Florida office. When we called that number, we were told that we could not be provided with a car insurance quote, and the customer service representative was also unable to direct us to an agent that could help us.

We tried calling several agents in the area (Sunrise, FL), but were unable to find any that sold Ocean Harbor Insurance.


You can file claims by calling your auto insurance agent or an Ocean Harbor claims administrator. There are no mobile or online claims tools.

Ocean Harbor Insurance reviews describe the claims process as long and challenging. Customers regularly encounter hour-long hold times and are ping-ponged between agents for weeks. Some customers even waited for months before their claims were processed.

Ocean Harbor Insurance Reviews

Ocean Harbor has the astoundingly low Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of D. It has closed 312 complaints in the last 3 years, and 79 in the past 12 months. Parent company Pearl Holding Group, Inc. also has a D rating with the BBB.

There are precious few positive Ocean Harbor Insurance reviews. We found one in which the customer seemed more satisfied with the mechanic that fixed his car than with Ocean Harbor itself. Other Ocean Harbor reviews commonly referred to the business as a “scam.”

Here are a few reviews from the Pearl Holding Group BBB page, where two stars was the highest rating given by any reviewer.

“My son was involved in an accident on 2/19/19. The car was picked up and stored by this company, and to this date, my son has no resolution and may not due to this company stating there was no police report made and the owner of policy didn't submit his written statement of [the] accident.”

-Liz B.

“Hands down the worst business I have ever dealt with. Took months to receive payment after being rear-ended. Even then, it was significantly lower than the third-party appraisal.”

-Dylan A.

Final Thoughts On Ocean Harbor Car Insurance

We do not recommend Ocean Harbor car insurance. Ocean Harbor Insurance reviews indicate that the company is a cheap way to insure your vehicles in Florida, but the coverage is limited and reviews of the quotes and claims process are poor. There are certainly better options for cheap car insurance in Florida.

Our Recommendations For Car Insurance

We’ve reviewed the best auto insurance companies in the industry and have a couple recommendations for you to consider over Ocean Harbor.

Don’t hesitate to shop around. There is no one best choice for everyone, which is why it’s a good idea to compare car insurance quotes from multiple providers. 

To collect and compare quotes from providers available in your state, call (855) 518-0148 or use the tool below:



We think that USAA auto insurance is the best low-cost insurance option in Florida. The only downside to USAA is that it is only available to military service members and their families. With a 5.0-star rating, USAA is our highest rated provider. The J.D. Power 2019 Auto Claims Satisfaction StudySM  also awarded USAA a top score of 5 out of 5. Certainly look into USAA car insurance if you are eligible.


If you aren’t able to buy an insurance policy through USAA, Progressive auto insurance is a great alternative. Progressive is a full-service company with strong customer support and easy claims filing services.Progressive also has a generous accident forgiveness program. Small accidents resulting in payouts of less than $500 will not increase your premiums. If you are a Progressive customer for 5 years and maintain clean records, you will be forgiven for one accident over $500. Other Progressive discount options include the SnapshotⓇ safe driving app, policy bundling, and a deductible savings bank.