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If you’re a driver looking for Colorado car insurance quotes, you’ll want to choose a company that gives you affordable coverage and great customer service. Our review team takes a look at the minimum insurance requirements, the cost of Colorado car insurance, and our top choices for reasonable auto insurance quotes for the Centennial State. Read on to learn more about car insurance quotes in Colorado.

Whenever you shop for car insurance, we recommend getting quotes from multiple providers so you can compare coverage and rates. In addition to the insurance company you choose, factors such as your age, vehicle make and model, and driving history can affect your premium, so what’s best for your neighbor might not be best for you.

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Quick Overview Of Colorado Car Insurance Quotes

Almost every state requires drivers to purchase minimum coverage to legally be allowed to operate a vehicle in that state. Colorado auto insurance requires motorists to have bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. While shopping for Colorado car insurance quotes, you might see coverage written as 25/50/15. This is the minimum requirement and breaks down to:

  • $25,000 bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 bodily injury liability per accident
  • $15,000 property damage liability per accident

After you satisfy those basic car insurance requirements, you’ll have choices with most car insurance companies to further customize your policy. Other standard types of car insurance include:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP): This type of basic car insurance coverage pays for your injuries and related expenses. The extent of PIP ranges depending on how much you buy, but at its broadest you can get: coverage for medical expenses, the cost of replacing services performed by someone injured in an accident, coverage for lost wages, and funeral costs for accidents that result in the death of a policyholder.
  • Medical payments (MedPay): MedPay is similar to PIP and optional in all states but two. It covers your medical bills and can be used to supplement your health insurance. Health insurance would be used first, then MedPay would come into play to cover the costs of deductibles and copays.
  • Comprehensive coverageComprehensive car insurance covers damages caused by something other than an accident like: fires, earthquakes, windstorms, hail, floods, falling objects, missiles or explosions, theft, vandalism, or riots, and animal damage, like colliding with a deer.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM): If you’re hit by a driver with no coverage or insufficient coverage, this type of insurance covers you. You can also use it if you’re a victim of a hit-and-run by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

How Much Does Colorado Car Insurance Cost?

An auto mobile insurance quote in Colorado is generally right around the national average. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average expenditure for Colorado drivers in 2016 was $935.39 per year, which was just lower than the national average of $935.80 per year.

Here’s a breakdown of the coverage costs for car insurance in Colorado that year according to the Insurance Information Institute:

Type of Coverage Average Annual Expenditure in 2017
Liability coverage $639.99
Collision coverage $326.39
Comprehensive coverage $228.32
Total cost $1,050.19

*To calculate average expenditures, NAIC assumed that all insured vehicles would carry liability coverage but not necessarily collision or comprehensive. Total cost per year measures what consumers actually spent.

Keep in mind that some drivers purchased comprehensive policies, while others opted for only the minimum coverage required in Colorado.

Why Are Car Insurance Quotes In Colorado So High?

Despite being in line with the national average, some drivers still think car insurance rates in Colorado are expensive. There are a few reasons for this. Due to the hazardous weather conditions like hail storms and heavy snow, more insured drivers have had to file comprehensive claims, which can drive the price of insurance up.

Another reason why car insurance rates have been going up in Colorado is due to the amount of people who have moved to the state in recent years. More drivers on the road means a greater risk of accidents.

Colorado auto insurance quotes depend on many factors, including:

  • Your age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Driving history
  • Exact location
  • And more

To make sure you’re getting the best quotes, be sure to compare offers from multiple insurance providers before deciding which policy is right for you. This tool can help you get started. Simply enter your zip code in the form or call our team at (844) 246-8209 to get free, personalized quotes seven days a week.


How To Find Cheap Car Insurance In Colorado

Don’t worry. There is an answer to finding cheap car insurance quotes in Colorado.

  • Assess your finances and your driving record. If you’re on a tight budget and you’re a relatively low-risk driver according to your driving history, go with the state’s minimum required coverage.
  • If you’re on a flexible budget and/or have a riskier driving record, it might be a good idea to get a more comprehensive coverage plan. This would include purchasing some of the standard types of insurance we talked about, which would increase your car insurance quote but ultimately save you from having to pay for repairs out of pocket when an unexpected accident arises.
  • Your deductible is another important consideration when shopping for Colorado car insurance quotes. A higher deductible usually comes with a lower premium, but keep in mind that you will need to pay that deductible in many cases if you make a claim.
  • Choose a company that allows you to customize your coverage plan, like Geico, State Farm, or Progressive.
  • Finally, when you’re looking for the cheapest car insurance quotes in Colorado, compare quotes side-by-side.

What Happens If I Can’t Afford The Minimum?

Driving without proof of insurance is risky anywhere you are. It leaves you liable to pay damages out of pocket in the event of an accident, and it’s illegal in all but two states.

If you’re involved in an accident or pulled over, you could be seriously penalized. In Colorado, the state penalties for driving without insurance include:

  • Four points on your driver’s license
  • First offense: a $500 minimum fine and suspension of your license until you can prove that you are insured
  • Second offense: $1,000 fine at minimum and license suspension for four months
  • Third time offense and subsequent offenses: $1,000 minimum fine and license suspension for eight months
  • Up to 40 hours of community service if the court sees that consequence fit

After you cause a collision, your insurance rates will increase. So take that into account on top of the fine when deciding if you want to risk driving without insurance in Colorado.

Where To Get Car Insurance Quotes In Colorado

When you’re looking for a car insurance company, it’s a good idea to get quotes from more than one. Here are some of our top recommendations for providers in Colorado.

For more information about the different insurance companies, simply click the provider's name or check out our full article on the best car insurance in Colorado.

Best Colorado Car Insurance Motor1 Rating Customer Service Affordability Coverage

1. Geico Car Insurance





2. State Farm Car Insurance





3. Progressive Insurance





4. Allstate Insurance





5. Esurance Auto Insurance





Our Top Choice For Colorado: Geico Insurance

We’ve found that Geico is a great insurance company for students and military service members. Geico offers competitive rates and numerous discounts for car insurance. The company maintains an A+ BBB rating, an AM Best financial strength rating of A++, and a J.D. Power auto claims satisfaction rating of 821 out of a possible 1,000. Geico also ranked highest among large carriers in the 2021 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study. With those high marks and opportunities for discounts, Geico is a strong contender for the best Colorado insurer.

When you’re shopping for Colorado car insurance quotes, Geico stands out with its standard coverage options and things like roadside assistance, rideshare coverage, and mechanical breakdown insurance.

Getting A Colorado Car Insurance Quote

Whether you are shopping for new car insurance or looking to switch providers, we recommend getting quotes from several different providers and comparing them to be sure you’re getting coverage for the best possible insurance prices. To help you make a more educated decision, our review team evaluated 30 of the best auto insurance providers based on financial strength, availability, customer service, cost and discounts, coverage, and technology. Read our review of the best car insurance companies to learn more about our top picks.

Enter your zip code in the tool below to collect and compare car insurance quotes from providers available in your state. Or call our team at (844) 246-8209 to get free, personalized quotes seven days a week.



In an effort to provide accurate and unbiased information to consumers, our expert review team collects data from dozens of auto insurance providers to formulate rankings of the best insurers. Companies receive a score in each of the following categories, as well as an overall weighted score out of 5.0 stars.

  • Industry Standing: Insurers with strong financial ratings and customer-first business practices receive the highest scores in this category.
  • Availability: We consider availability by state as well as exclusions for specific groups of drivers.
  • Coverage: This rating is based on types of insurance available, maximum coverage limits, and add-on policies.
  • Cost and Discounts: Our research team reviews sample quotes for a variety of drivers in every state. Companies with lower prices and many car insurance discount opportunities receive the best scores.
  • Customer Service: We comb through customer reviews and consumer feedback studies from experts like J.D. Power.
  • Technology: Auto insurers with mobile apps, advanced online services and telematics are more likely to meet consumer needs.

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