We find cheap car insurance in Georgia so that you can save more money.

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If you live in the Peach State, you get to enjoy warm weather, plenty of peaches, and sweet tea. And if you’re a driver in Georgia, you also want cheap car insurance. It’s wise to find ways to save money, so we want to help. We’ve already researched the top insurance providers and found several we are fond of.

Now, we will look closer at these companies to see which ones offer the best Georgia car insurance.


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Required Coverage Varies By State

Did you know that the amount of insurance you are required to have is state-mandated? That’s why it is different from one state to the next. Before you look for coverage in any state, you must find out what is required of you.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, most states will require these auto liability coverages.

  • Bodily Injury Liability: This plan covers the cost that comes with injuries or death from an accident that you cause.
  • Property Damage Liability: With this plan, others receive reimbursement for the damage that you cause. This policy includes damage to a vehicle, building, and other property, such as a fence.

Several states will also require some of these coverages.

  • Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments: This plan provides reimbursement for any medical expenses needed for you or your occupants. It also covers lost wages.
  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage: With this plan, you receive reimbursement when someone without car insurance causes the accident. It also covers you if your vehicle is damaged in a hit-and-run accident. On top of this plan, you can also opt for underinsured coverage, which picks up the cost after the inadequate plan of the offender runs out.

Some optional coverage includes these choices:

  • Collision: With this plan, you receive reimbursement for any damage to your vehicle after a collision you caused.
  • Comprehensive: This plan offers protection from theft and other damages. You are covered from hail, flood, vandalism, fire, falling trees, and other hazards with this option.
  • Glass Coverage: Many auto policies offer a no- or low-deductible glass coverage plan for the windshield, rear window, side windows, and glass sunroofs.

Georgia Car Insurance Requirements

The minimum required insurance in Georgia is outlined in the table below. It includes liability insurance, which pays for other people’s damage that is caused by you.

Coverage Terms

Bodily Injury Liability

$25,000 per person/$50,000 per accident

Property Damage Liability

$25,000 per accident 


While $25,000 bodily injury per person and $50,000 bodily injury per crash are the state requirements to keep your car legal, it might not be enough coverage to protect you from additional liability. Furthermore, if you hit a luxury automobile worth more than $25,000 and it is deemed a total loss, you will be on the hook to cover the rest.

Whatever remaining balance for medical bills and property damage occurs because of an at-fault accident is your responsibility, no matter what your insurance covers. That’s why it’s often wise to choose higher coverage limits and additional protection.

Georgia Is An At-Fault State

Because Georgia is an at-fault state, any time there is an accident, the driver who caused it is held liable for damages. The insurance company picks up the expense first, up until the policy reaches its limits. 

Aside from that, Georgia also uses a variation of the law, known as proportional comparative fault. This law means each driver receives some percentage of the blame. As an example, Driver A failed to activate their turn signal when going right. As a result, Driver B rear-ended the vehicle, but it was speeding. Both of these drivers are going to be held partially liable for the accident.

Driving In Georgia 

Outside of the major cities in Georgia, the state features a lot of rural areas without much congestion. In addition, Georgia has been hailed as the best in the country in terms of road quality. Here are a few other rankings the state received during a recent study.

Classification Place Out Of 50 States

Best State To Drive In


Auto Maintenance Cost


Car Dealerships Per Capita


Average Gas Prices


Auto Repair Shops Per Capita


Share Of Rush Hour Traffic Congestion



Best Georgia Auto Insurance

Finding the best car insurance in Georgia requires looking at several factors. Sure, we all want to save money, but the cost can’t be the only factor. After all, you can go with the cheapest car insurance in Georgia, but will your claims be paid promptly?

That’s why we evaluate auto insurance coverage by various factors. Looking at our top providers research will show which companies we find to be the best, but is it the same in Georgia? Let’s look closer at the data.

We will rank the top five options, based on our overall star rating, average cost, financial strength, J.D. Power Claim Servicing Score, and additional benefits.

Here is our breakdown of the top auto insurance providers in Georgia. 

Provider Overall Star Rating Financial Strength (AM Best) J.D. Power Claim Servicing Score (Out Of 5) Additional Benefits

Georgia Farm Bureau




  • Accident forgiveness
  •  Roadside assistance





  • Accident forgiveness
  •  Roadside assistance
  •  New car replacement





  • Accident forgiveness
  •  Roadside assistance





  • Name your price tool
  •  Roadside assistance
  •  New car replacement





  • Accident forgiveness 
  • New car replacement 

Georgia Farm Bureau (Top Choice)

If you are strictly looking for cheap auto insurance in Georgia, it appears this company will offer the motorist coverages you want. The company rates at the top of the charts for the cheapest insurance rates in many areas. You can likely receive your lowest rates, even with an accident on your record or poor credit.

Among the liability and full coverage options, Georgia Farm Bureau also offers these benefits:

  • Local insurance agents
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Multiple discounts for lower rates
  • Roadside assistance
  • Other plans for home, life, and farm

Georgia Farm Bureau also has an A+ Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating and minimal complaints. Among the company’s Google reviews, here are a few comments. The first is from a policyholder.

“Been using this Ga. Farm Bureau for 25 years for all my auto and home insurance. Mark Kesler and all the staff are always a pleasure to see and helpful when needed.”

-Larry Clark via Google

The second review comes from someone that doesn’t have coverage with Georgia Farm Bureau.

“I don't have this as my insurance. My car was totaled in an accident, this is the insurance the other person had. The accident happened on a Friday, on Monday I was talking to an agent, Tuesday the guy came to assess the damages, on Thursday we picked up a rental. The following Monday we picked up our settlement. Thank you for working fast on this.”

-Jeannine Dennis via Google

With the level of customer service provided, the available car insurance discounts, and the lower rates, it seems that Georgia Farm Bureau is a great option for most drivers in the state.

Best in Georgia


Compare Policies


The best option for Georgia motorists.


USAA (Runner-Up)

If you are in the military, are a veteran, or a family member, you might receive the best rate and service from USAA. This company is geared strictly to military personnel and their families, so not everyone will qualify for Georgia auto coverage.

This company tends to top the customer satisfaction charts, including the study done by J.D. Power. Aside from standard auto insurance policies, this provider also offers the following perks:

  • Accident forgiveness
  • Available discounts
  • Identity theft coverage
  • Personal insurance for home and other belongings
  • Military uniform coverage

Furthermore, you can find low rates, even if you have a teen driver on your policy. Online, you will find a variety of reviews from policyholders. The majority of negative reviews seem to be about items that were not covered by the company, and USAA representatives always seem willing to respond promptly. Here is one review that praises the company.

“I have had all super amazing calls and contact with USAA, the rates for insurance are not always the best but the people and support are well worth it. Having had a claim before, it’s hard to tell others how great a company is until they have to deal with another company to see why USAA is AWESOME. They truly care about those who serve our country.”

-N.K. via Trustpilot

Best for Military Families


Compare Policies


Our best overall pick: Offers great customer service to military members and their families.


Save Money On Georgia Car Insurance

We recommend that you receive several quotes for car insurance before making your decision. Then, you can compare the rates and plans to find the company that works for you. While you do this, consider some additional ways to save on car insurance in Georgia.

  • Consider your vehicle: Some cars mean notoriously high insurance premiums, while some cars are downright cheap to insure. You should evaluate a vehicle before you buy it to see how it will affect your insurance premiums.
  • Increase the deductible: Yes, you will have to pay more out of pocket during a claim, but the premiums go down significantly. Just make sure you have the savings to cover your chosen deductible.
  • Evaluate coverage terms: If you have an older car that you don’t need full coverage for, go ahead and reduce the policy options and save some money. If you don’t have collision and comprehensive coverage, just make sure you have the financial backing to cover the loss.
  • Increase your credit score: Rates go down for policyholders with good credit.
  • Look for discounts: You can often secure a lower rate when you bundle plans, pay in advance, and maintain a clean driving record.

Georgia Auto Insurance FAQ

Where do I go for my driver’s license and permit?

In Georgia, the Department of Driver Services takes care of all driver’s licenses and permits. On the other hand, the Motor Vehicle Division of the GA Department of Revenue handles all registrations, titles, and license plates. To register your vehicle, you must have proof of insurance.

If I lend my car to a friend, does my auto insurance still cover the vehicle?

When you lend out your vehicle, your auto insurance typically covers the driver. It’s best to check with your insurance company to be certain.

I lease my car. Do I need Gap insurance?

If you have an outstanding loan on your vehicle, or you are in a lease, you should consider Gap  insurance. Some financers require the additional coverage. Gap pays the balance of your car loan if your vehicle is deemed a total loss, so you won’t have any financial liability.

If I move to Georgia, how long do I have to change my driver’s license?

Once you become a resident of Georgia, you have 30 days to change your driver’s license. You will also need to update your insurance information, which might affect your rate.

My older vehicle isn’t worth much. Do I still need full coverage?

If you can afford to replace the vehicle when it receives damage or becomes a total loss, it doesn’t always make sense for you to have full coverage. Just make sure you keep that money safe in case you need it.

What do I do if I can’t get Georgia car insurance?

If you are denied coverage, you might want to look into the Georgia Automobile Insurance Plan instead. It was specifically created to provide protection for those that can’t otherwise receive it.