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A car warranty can offset sudden and unexpected repair costs, but the language surrounding warranties can be complex. Do you know what your manufacturer warranty or extended warranty will pay for? Just what does a powertrain warranty cover?

Today, we will discuss the ins and outs of powertrain warranties. When you have all the details, you can decide whether you need any additional protection for your vehicle.

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What Does A Powertrain Warranty Cover?

A powertrain warranty is a warranty that usually covers everything that is involved in the process of providing power to the wheels of your vehicle. This includes the engine, driveshaft, and transmission, which are commonly refereed to as the "powertrain". These parts are often the most expensive to fix or replace.

So, what does each part of the powertrain do? Well, the engine generates power, the transmission controls how much power is going to the wheels, and the drivetrain actually delivers that power to the wheels. The drivetrain contains subcomponents like the clutch and torque converter.

The main take is that the drivetrain is essential for the proper functioning of your vehicle, and it has a lot of moving parts – parts that, eventually, could just decide to stop working. That’s where a powertrain warranty can be useful.



Powertrain Vs Bumper-To-Bumper Warranties

The differences between a powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranty are fairly straightforward. In a nutshell, a powertrain warranty covers the powertrain, and a bumper-to-bumper warranty covers almost every non-powertrain component from the front bumper to the rear bumper.

In reality, a bumper-to-bumper warranty can look different depending on your warranty provider. The best warranties will cover most components of the car, and the worst warranties will have a lot of fine print and exclusions. That being said, most bumper-to-bumper warranties have some exclusions like wear-and-tear items.

That’s why it’s important to find a reputable extended warranty provider if you decide to purchase an extended powertrain warranty.



How Long Does A Powertrain Warranty Last?

Powertrain warranty term lengths vary widely by provider. If you purchase a new car with a powertrain warranty, some of the best manufacturers offer coverage for 10 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Other automakers may only offer 4 years or 50,000 miles.

If you decide to purchase an extended warranty, you can generally get great powertrain coverage from a third-party company no matter what vehicle make you’re driving.



Who Has The Best New Car Powertrain Warranty?

The award for best factory powertrain warranty goes to Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, and Mitsubishi. Each offers a term length of 10 years or 100,000 miles. Tesla isn’t far behind with a term length of 8 years (mileage limits vary by model), while Infiniti, Lincoln, and Cadillac all come in at 6 years or 70,000 miles.



Are Powertrain And Drivetrain Warranties The Same?

This is often the next question vehicle owners have after asking, what does a powertrain warranty cover? Many car owners think that powertrain and drivetrain components are the same, but that’s not correct. The powertrain can be split into two parts: the engine and the drivetrain. That means the drivetrain includes the following components:

  • Torque converter
  • Propeller shaft
  • U-joint
  • Rear-axle
  • Spool
  • Differential



car repair costsWhy You Might Need An Extended Warranty

For many car owners, purchasing an extended warranty can provide peace of mind. Even if you have factory powertrain coverage, it’s only a matter of time until your warranty expires, leaving you responsible for any repair bills. When you consider that the average cost of replacing the transmission in a car is between $1,800 and $3,400, that peace of mind alone might be worth it.

If you want full coverage for your vehicle, an extended warranty that includes both bumper-to-bumper and powertrain coverage is your best bet. But if you’re just looking for protection for essential components like the engine, then you should consider an extended powertrain warranty.



Where Can You Purchase An Extended Warranty?

Extended warranties can be purchased either directly from your automobile manufacturer or from a third-party provider like Endurance, CARCHEX, or CarShield.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. If you have a lot of brand loyalty and feel most comfortable signing a contract with your favorite car brand, then that’s probably the best choice for you. However, manufacturer warranties usually have stricter requirements on where you can service your vehicle – usually, it’s only in manufacturer service centers. You may also have to purchase your extended warranty at the time you purchase your vehicle.

Third-party warranty providers, on the other hand, generally let you service your vehicle at whatever in-network shop you like, giving you a lot more flexibility.



Top Extended Powertrain Warranty Providers

Let’s take a look at some of the top third-party extended warranty providers. When we recently reviewed the best extended car warranty companies in the industry, these were the four that performed best in categories like reputation, coverage, customer experience, and cost.

Endurance: Best Overall Provider

Endurance is a direct provider, which means there’s no middleman involved. If you choose to work with Endurance, you will deal with them every time including during the claims process. That means your claims experience may go by more quickly than with another company.

Read our Endurance review to learn more.

Endurance offers five levels of extended car warranty coverage:

Plan Who It's For Details


Those who want complete coverage

Superb bumper-to-bumper coverage


Those who want near-complete coverage

Covers many specific parts of vehicles

Secure Plus

Those who need coverage quickly

Covers steering, electrical, and brake systems with a shorter waiting period than other coverages


Those who want budget coverage

Only covers the most important parts of your vehicle

Select Premier

Those with older vehicles

Only covers the powertrain

If you’re looking for powertrain coverage only, Select Premier is the best choice for you. Endurance’s term lengths are not available online, but in our “secret shopper” analysis, the longest quote we were able to get was for 8 years or 125,000 miles.




CARCHEX: Best Service

CARCHEX is often considered the gold standard of service for extended warranty providers. With endorsements from brands like Kelley Blue Book, Carfax, and, you know the company can be trusted.

CARCHEX doesn’t have a specific powertrain warranty. Instead, it has different levels of coverage from Platinum to Bronze. As you move lower down the line, your coverage decreases and fewer parts are covered until you’re left with just the powertrain. If you’re looking for just powertrain coverage, we would recommend the Silver or Bronze plan.

Read our CARCHEX review to learn more.

Here are the full coverage options for CARCHEX:

Plan Coverage Period Who It's For Details


Up to 10 years

Those looking for the highest level of protection

Bumper-to-bumper protection that covers almost all components


Up to 10 years

People looking to cover specific components

Covers most components


Up to 10 years

People with a vehicle that has over 60,000 miles

Provides flexible coverage for a range of vehicle parts


Up to 7 years

Motorists with high-mileage vehicles

Covers only the most essential vehicle components


Up to 6 years

Motorists looking for a basic level of coverage

Covers common and expensive repairs




CarShield: Best Value

Of all the extended car warranty providers we researched, CarShield had the best value. The company has low deductibles and claims are paid directly to the repair shop, saving you some time and hassle. Plus, it offers month-to-month contracts that can be canceled at any time.

Read our CarShield review to learn more.

CarShield offers six levels of coverage:

Plan Who It's For Details

New Car Diamond

Motorists that want factory-warranty-level coverage for their vehicle

Bumper-to-bumper coverage that’s near-identical to most manufacturer warranties


High-mileage vehicle owners

Covers most major vehicle systems


Motorists that only want to cover the most important components

Provides coverage for the powertrain, transmission, water pump, air conditioning, ignition, and a few other components


Motorists who want basic powertrain coverage

Covers most parts of the powertrain

High Tech

Motorists whose cars have high-tech or highly advanced electrical systems

Covers GPS systems, the engine control module, alternator, and other electrical systems


Motorcycle, ATV, and off-road vehicle owners

Offers several levels of coverage for specialty vehicles




autopom!: Best Claims Process

If you’re looking for peace of mind, autopom! might be the right choice for you. In fact, the “pom” stands precisely for “peace of mind.” The company offers quick quotes via email, so you can easily figure out whether coverage is worth it for you. Customer service is quite good, too. If any claim is taking longer than usual, an investigator from autopom! will look into it for you.

Read our autopom! review to learn more.

autopom! offers the following levels of coverage:

Plan Term Who It's For Details


Up to 8 years

Motorists who want to cover every part of their vehicle

Covers every vehicle component except those specifically excluded


Up to 7 years

Motorists who want an affordable but comprehensive warranty

Covers a high number of listed components


Up to 7 years

High-mileage vehicle owners

Provides powertrain coverage and protection for components in the steering, cooling, suspension, fuel delivery, and braking systems


Up to 6 years

Motorists who want powertrain coverage with a few add-ons

Protects the powertrain with optional add-on coverage for electrical, air conditioning, and fuel systems


Best Claims Process


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(888) 691-2354

Another provider we recommend for their top-notch service when submitting a claim. 




What is not included in a powertrain warranty?

A powertrain warranty only covers the powertrain, which includes the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. No other components are included. Some warranty providers may offer additional coverage with their powertrain warranties, but by definition, powertrain warranties cover just the powertrain.

What is covered under Chevy’s powertrain warranty?

The Chevy powertrain warranty lasts for 5 years or 60,000 miles and covers all components of the powertrain such as the engine and transmission.

What is covered under Hyundai’s powertrain warranty?

Hyundai’s powertrain warranty covers all components of the powertrain for 5 years or 60,000 miles.

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