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You may have seen the ads for Good2Go auto insurance and maybe you’ve even taken the next step and checked out the provider’s website. If you want a little more information before going further, you're in the right place. Our research team has evaluated over 30 of the best car insurance providers based on financial strength, availability, customer service, coverage, costs and discounts, and technology.

We’ve done the digging on Good2Go auto insurance, so you can make the most informed decision when it comes to protecting yourself and your vehicle. Read on to learn more about Good2Go’s reputation, coverage, and what customers have to say.

Whenever you shop for car insurance, we recommend getting quotes from multiple providers so you can compare coverage and rates. In addition to the insurance company you choose, factors such as your age, vehicle make and model, and driving history can affect your premium, so what’s best for your neighbor might not be best for you.

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What To Know About Good2Go Auto Insurance

Good2Go auto insurance has been around for more than 25 years. Once known as the American Independent Companies, Inc., Good2Go was born when the following underwriters consolidated under the Good2Go brand:

  • American Independent Insurance Company
  • Apollo Casualty Company
  • Bankers Independent Insurance Company
  • Omni Insurance Company
  • Omni Indemnity Company
  • Personal Service Insurance Company

Today, Good2Go auto insurance caters to high-risk drivers and those only looking for liability coverage. In fact, those are the only plans available to drivers with Good2Go. While other insurers offer a variety of policies and types of coverage, Good2Go has a limited scope.



Good2Go Auto Insurance Ratings And Reviews

With a relatively simple web presence, it can be difficult to know whether or not to trust Good2Go. The company has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 2015, and it currently holds an A rating. Its financial status, however, is another story.

Good2Go currently doesn’t have a financial strength rating from AM Best. Previously, AM Best gave nine of Good2Go’s underwriting partners a C+ rating, which means the companies had a marginal ability to meet customer claims, before the ratings were withdrawn.

As for Good2Go auto insurance reviews, customers have left negative comments and complaints on the company’s BBB page. Many of these reviews reference delays and inefficient communication. In December 2019, one customer complained about not hearing back from Good2Go despite filing a claim four months earlier.



Good2Go Auto Insurance Coverage

Compared to larger insurance carriers, Good2Go has very limited options. As of January 2020, the company only provides two types of insurance plans: Liability Only and High-Risk Auto Insurance.

Liability Only

Liability Only insurance coverage is for drivers looking for the minimum insurance required in each state. This coverage could range from $10,000 to $100,000 per person for bodily injury and $5,000 to $50,000 per occurrence for property damage – depending on your location.

High-Risk Auto Insurance

Good2Go auto insurance is also available to high-risk drivers. These are drivers that are considered risky to insure, including:

  • Drivers convicted of DUIs/DWIs
  • Newly license drivers
  • Drivers whose licenses have been suspended
  • Young or elderly drivers
  • Individuals with poor credit history
  • Residents of high-risk areas
  • Drivers with a history of traffic violations or accidents

Although Good2Go specializes in this type of insurance coverage, high-risk drivers may still pay high rates due to their background or financial standing.



How To Get A Discount With Good2Go

For high-risk drivers or those looking for only the minimum coverage, Good2Go auto insurance has two sets of discounts available: driver discounts and policy discounts. Your eligibility, along with discount availability and amount, may vary by state and underwriting company.

Driver Discounts

If you’re interested in lowering your monthly payment with a driver discount, here are your three options.



Fine Print

Average Discount

Defensive Driving Course Discount

If you successfully complete a state-certified defensive driving course and pass an exam, you could receive a discount on Good2Go auto insurance.

-Depending on your state, age limitations may apply.

-Only one discount is allowed per car.

-You’ll need to retake a defensive driving class in a few years to maintain the discount.

5 to 15 percent

Good Driver Discount

This is a standard discount offered by almost all auto insurance companies. It’s awarded to individuals with a good driving record for avoiding accidents and major traffic violations.

-Recent at-fault accidents, frequency of claims, and your driving record will be taken into account.

-You can save more on your Good2Go auto insurance policy by allowing your daily driving habits to be monitored.

10 to 35 percent

Student Driver Discount

Another standard type of discount, the student driver discounts is awarded to high school and college students who maintain good grades. 

-This discount is for drivers aged 16 to 25 years.

-Students need to maintain at least a B average to be eligible.

-Drivers must provide Good2Go with a current report card or transcript at the time of purchasing the policy.

5 to 20 percent

Policy Discounts

In addition to driver discounts, you can check your eligibility for the following policy discounts.



Fine Print

Average Discount

Homeownership Discount

Drivers who own a home, condo, or mobile home can receive a discount on Good2Go auto insurance.

-Discount may depend on your coverage.

-You will need to prove ownership through documents such as a homeowners insurance declaration or property tax records.

-Underwriting factors such as minimum limits purchased and your location may affect the quotes provided to you. 

5 to 10 percent

Multi-Vehicle Discount

By insuring more than one car on a single policy, you can receive a discount. Not only does this help you save on your insurance, but other family members can get coverage for lower rates. 

-All vehicles should be insured under a single policyholder.

-Vehicles insured should be in use and not in storage.

10 to 25 percent

Renewal Discount

Active Good2Go auto insurance customers who renew policies will be rewarded with a discount.

-Renewal discounts typically begin within six months of your enrollment and recur over time.

3 to 5 percent

Paid-in-Full Discount

By paying for your auto insurance up front, you can save money. You’ll also enjoy never worrying about late payments or multiple statements.


5 to 10 percent



Getting A Good2Go Auto Insurance Quote

You can get a quote for Good2Go auto insurance online. Enter your zip code, personal information, and information about your vehicle. The site will match you with one of Good2Go’s underwriting partners. With several underwriters, however, you may end up getting inconsistent rates despite entering the same information every time.

If you decide to purchase Good2Go auto insurance, you should receive instant proof of insurance through email or fax.

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What Is The Good2Go Claims Process Like?

In the case of an accident, you can file a Good2Go auto insurance claim by phone, email, or on the company website after logging in.

After receiving your claim, a claims representative will review the details and get back to you within one business day. Typically, the representative will investigate your coverage and any damages. However, the company’s process may vary from claim to claim.

The Good2Go auto insurance representative should then provide you with their contact information, a claim number, and an expected timeline.



The Bottom Line On Good2Go Auto Insurance

Good2Go auto insurance is available only to high-risk drivers and drivers that only wish to meet the state minimum requirements for car insurance. If you fall into one of these categories, it might be worth reaching out for a quote. However, Good2Go’s lack of financial strength rating (and poor past financial strength ratings), along with its negative customer reviews, make us think that there are much better options out there for auto insurance. Use this tool to explore those alternatives:



Our Recommendations For Car Insurance

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State Farm Auto Insurance

State Farm auto insurance is one of the country’s leading car insurance providers, having gained favorable reviews for its vast network of local agents, convenient digital experience, and variety of available discounts. Our State Farm insurance reviews show that the provider holds an A+ rating with the BBB and performed well for customer satisfaction on J.D. Power’s U.S. Auto Insurance Study.

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Geico Auto Insurance

In our Geico reviews, Geico auto insurance emerged as the best choice for all consumers for its great claims response, customer service, and value. Geico similarly has an A+ rating with the BBB and performed well in the J.D. Power study. The insurer has an easy-to-use online tool and mobile app. While its plans and discounts are in line with industry standards, Geico is considered one of the less expensive options available.

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