Amica can pay you in dividends to have a policy, so should you jump aboard?

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For many drivers, Amica auto insurance can be an affordable option with a great customer experience – but is it right for you? Today, we’ll dig into the company and compare it to the top insurance companies in the industry.


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Amica Insurance Overview

Amica Mutual Insurance Company is based in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The company was founded over 100 years ago in 1907, which makes it older than any other mutual auto insurance company in the United States. It’s also a relatively small company. According to Amica's website, it had 1.6 million policies in force in 2018. In comparison, Progressive had 19 million policies in force that year.

But don't let the company’s small size fool you. AM Best says it has superior financial ability to manage its policies, and the company has great customer service ratings. Here are all the insurance and financial products you can get from Amica:

  • Auto
  • Home
  • Life
  • Umbrella
  • Condo
  • Renters
  • Marine
  • Motorcycle
  • Wedding and event
  • Small business
  • Retirement

Auto Insurance Dividend Policy

So, what is a mutual insurance company anyway? A mutual insurance company is owned by its policyholders, not investors or stockholders. When the company makes a profit, it can share that with its policyholders through breaks on premiums or dividend payments.

Amica offers dividend plans on auto, home, umbrella, and marine policies. You’ll pay more up front, but you could get up to 20 percent of your premium back in dividends. You can also choose to use the dividends to lower your premium.

Amica Car Insurance Coverage

Amica auto insurance can satisfy your state's minimum requirements and more. Here are the standard coverages you can get with any auto policy:

  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability (BI/PD): If you cause an accident, liability insurance will pay the other party’s medical bills and property repair costs.
  • Medical Payments (MedPay): This covers your medical bills regardless of fault.
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): PIP also covers your medical bills, as well as lost wages and funeral expenses.
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM): If you get hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver, this coverage will pay for your medical bills and repairs to your car.
  • Collision: This coverage pays for repairs to your car after an accident regardless of fault. If the accident is not your fault, Amica seeks compensation from the other party's insurance company.
  • Comprehensive: If your car is damaged from a non-traffic event, comprehensive coverage will repair it. Covered events can include damage from inclement weather, fire,  vandalism, and theft.

Platinum Choice Auto

You can choose to upgrade your Amica car insurance with Platinum Choice Auto. The plan includes all of the upgrades below or select upgrades, depending on your preference.

  • Prestige Rental Coverage: This option gives you flexibility in choosing a rental car. With Prestige Rental Coverage, you can choose a model similar to your own car, whether that's an SUV or luxury car. You also get a limit of $5,000 per occurrence toward your rental, without a daily limit.
  • Identity Fraud Monitoring: In today's world, there are many ways for your information to fall into the wrong hands. With this coverage option, Amica will monitor your credit files and personal information around the clock. If something unusual is detected, you can get expert help from a fraud specialist.
  • Full Glass Coverage: This option eliminates deductibles for any type of glass damage. You can also get a lifetime guarantee on glass repair from an Amica-approved shop.
  • Accident Forgiveness: Through Amica’s Good Driving Rewards program, you can get Advantage Points by being a safe driver. You can also get points by referring other drivers to Amica car insurance and renewing your policy. When you have enough points saved up, you can use them to reduce your deductible or to get accident forgiveness.

Amica Auto Insurance Perks

Some perks come standard with any auto policy from Amica. These include:

  • Free glass repair if the glass doesn't need to be replaced
  • Free deployed airbag repair
  • Free lock replacement if your keys are lost or stolen
  • Not counting depreciation if your new car is totaled within one year of the purchase date
  • Reimbursement for lost wages if you have to appear in court
  • $1,000 toward bail bonds

You can also opt for the following coverages with any Amica car insurance policy:

  • Roadside Assistance: This covers fuel delivery, spare tire installation, towing, jump starts, and lockout services.
  • Rental Reimbursement: This pays for a rental car if you get into a covered accident. Standard limits are around $20 per day and $600 per occurrence. Keep in mind that your choice of rental car will be limited unless you upgrade with the Prestige Rental Coverage discussed above.

Amica’s Mobile App

Some insurance companies have great coverage options and prices but fall flat in the technology department. Thankfully, that's not the case with Amica auto insurance. Amica's mobile app is reliable and has high ratings from users. It has a 4.0 out of 5.0 on the Google Play store and a 4.8 out of 5.0 on the App Store.

With the Amica car insurance app, you can:

  • View your policy
  • Pay your bill
  • Submit and monitor clams
  • View your insurance ID card
  • Increase your coverage
  • Request roadside assistance
  • Contact customer service

Quotes And Claims Service

You can get a quote from Amica by visiting the website or calling a 24/7 phone number. We tested Amica's online quote process and found it to be simple and clear. Many other people feel the same way – Amica finished in second place on J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Insurance Shopping Study. The study includes responses from 14,400 customers who rated their experiences with getting quotes.

We also noticed that Amica offers a 24/7 chat line – with a human – while you are getting a quote. That’s nice to have in case you have any questions during the online quotes process. Even though artificial intelligence keeps improving, we still think it feels better to chat with a human at this point.


Amica car insurance performed even better on J.D. Power’s 2019 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, where it took first place over popular companies like Nationwide car insurance and Allstate auto insurance. This study asked 11,186 insurance customers about their experiences with settling claims. At the end of the day, the claims process is really what you pay an insurance company to do. It's one thing to purchase a policy with the coverage you need, but it's another thing to use that coverage and have a good experience.

Amica Auto Insurance Customer Reviews

While Amica performs well on industry surveys, it does have a few complaints. Amica has an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau, but the BBB complaints page shows 75 complaints in the past three years. That’s actually not very many. Progressive’s ratio of BBB complaints to policies is about three times higher.

One complaint was written by a hit-and-run victim. The perpetrator was found to have Amica, so the reviewer filed a claim with the company. After that, the reviewer said that the agent was difficult to work with and that the settlement process took too long.

A couple more complaints were written by people whose cars had been totaled by Amica drivers. In both of these complaints, the claimants tried to keep their cars. However, Amica would have charged them the car’s salvage value to do that. Be aware, this issue can come up regardless of the insurance company. You can’t just keep your totaled car for free, even if you weren’t at fault.

Lastly, one Amica customer wrote about an unexpected price increase. An Amica agent had quoted the customer one price to add their fiancé to the policy. However, when the customer went online to pay, the bill was about $100 higher. In response, Amica said that the original quote was given in error, and the customer was stuck with the higher price.

How Much Does Amica Cost?

Amica tends to be an affordable option compared to average rates in the industry. However, not all drivers get good rates or are even approved for coverage. For example, Geico and Amica both offer below-average prices, but not to the same drivers. Between the two, Geico can be cheaper for teens and high-risk drivers, while Amica can be cheaper for adults with good driving records.

Some companies we've researched focus on insuring high-risk drivers. These companies charge higher rates to everyone because they have to pay out more money for accidents. However, it seems like Amica car insurance is the opposite. The company can keep prices low for everybody because it covers fewer high-risk drivers. For example, teens will often get a much higher quote from Amica than Geico or Progressive, and that can dissuade them from choosing Amica.

To summarize, we think you can find low rates from Amica if you have a good driving record and are beyond your teenage years. However, teen drivers and drivers with recent claims may find better rates from other companies. To investigate those other companies, use this tool:


How Can You Get Discounts From Amica?

With Amica car insurance, you could qualify for the following policy discounts:

Discount Details


Get a discount for maintaining car insurance coverage with a previous provider for at least two years


Get up to 15 percent off by combining policies, such as auto/home or auto/life


If you haven't filed any claims in the past three years, you can qualify for this discount. Glass and towing claims don’t apply

Multiple auto

Insuring two or more cars with Amica auto insurance can save you up to 25 percent


Whether your home is insured through Amica or not, you can get a discount on your auto policy for owning one


If your parents have had Amica for at least five years, and you are under 30 years old, you can get this discount

Paid in full

Like many auto insurance companies, Amica will give you a discount if you pay your policy up front in full


If you give Amica permission to automatically withdraw your money each month, you can get this discount


Opt to save some trees, and you'll get this discount


You can also get the following discounts that are based on the car that you drive:

  • Anti-theft
  • Electronic stability
  • Passive restraint
  • Forward collision warning
  • Adaptive headlights

Finally, here are a few more discounts from Amica auto insurance that apply to you as a driver or student:

  • Defensive driver training: This discount is typically available to older adults who take an approved defensive driving course.
  • Driver training: This discount is available for young drivers who take an approved training course.
  • Good students: Full-time high school or college students with a B average (between the ages of 15 and 25) can get this discount.
  • Student away at school: If you have a child who is away at school without their vehicle, you can get this discount on Amica car insurance.

Verdict On Amica Insurance

All things considered, we think Amica is a good choice for car insurance. It offers affordable rates to many drivers and has superior customer service ratings. However, it might not be the best option for teens, new drivers, or high-risk drivers. It also doesn't offer rideshare coverage, which you need if you drive for a company like Uber or Lyft.

Our Recommendations For Car Insurance

You could find a really good quote from Amica, but you won't know if it's the best option until you do some more shopping. This tool can help you find companies with comparable coverage and prices:


The best auto insurance company is the one that offers you the best coverage and prices – which is to say, it depends. However, USAA car insurance, Geico auto insurance, Progressive car insurance, and State Farm auto insurance are our top four picks overall. After you get a quote for Amica auto insurance, we think Progressive and State Farm are two more good options to check out – plus, they both offer rideshare coverage, which is important for many people today.

Progressive: Usage-Based Discounts

Maybe you've had a recent accident and are having trouble finding low rates. With Progressive, you can get a big discount for being a safe driver right now, regardless of your history. Progressive’s Snapshot program collects data on your driving habits and monitors things like hard braking and late-night trips. While you can get a good discount, be aware that it can raise your rate if you get a bad score. That should give you even more incentive to be a good driver.

Progressive also has a quote comparison tool that can cut down on the hours that you spend shopping for insurance. Like Amica auto insurance, it has a great financial rating from AM Best. However, it had average rankings on both of the studies by J.D. Power.

State Farm: Best For Students And Teens

If you are a student, don’t forget to get a quote from State Farm. That’s because State Farm has a great discount for good students – you can get up to 25 percent off your premium if you have a B average or better. That’s the biggest student discount we’ve come across.

Drivers under 25 can also take advantage of the Steer Clear educational app. If you pass the training modules and log your practice hours, you’ll get a certificate along with a 15 percent discount. Finally, regardless of your age, you can participate in State Farm’s Drive Safe and Save. This is the company’s telematics app that can give discounts of up to 30 percent. Unlike Progressive’s app, it can’t raise your rate based on your driving.


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