Find out what’s covered by Concord Auto Protect extended warranty protection plans.

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The longer your vehicle stays in great working condition, the more value you get back out of your investment. It’s likely that your car, truck, van or SUV is one of your most valuable assets. You probably spent a lot of time researching which car to buy, then spent a lot of money actually buying it – you may even still be spending money to pay off the loan you borrowed in order to drive that particular vehicle off of the lot. But now it’s your car, and you love it.

To protect your investment, it’s a smart move to at least consider an extended auto warranty, also called a vehicle service contract. We’ve done a bit of homework to help you know more about your coverage options with one particular provider: Concord Auto Protect.

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Below, we’ll talk about Concord Auto Protect’s coverage plans, cost, and what we like and don’t like about the options provided, as well as we’ll give you some alternate suggestions for coverage from our team’s deep dive into the best extended warranty providers across the industry. 

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Summary: What We Think About Concord Auto Protect

Concord Auto Protect providers good coverage for vehicles and above-average benefits. The company is a direct provider of its vehicle service contracts, which aren’t backed by a separate insurance provider.

Pros Cons

Three coverage options

High rental car reimbursement

Positive customer reviews and BBB rating

Zero interest payment programs

Money-back guarantee

Transferable plans

ASE certified technicians

Choice of repair facility

Roadside assistance

Not backed by an insurance provider

Not as many years in business as other providers


Concord Auto Protect Coverage Options

Concord Auto Protect offers three different protection plans to fit individual consumer vehicle and budget needs: Concord Powertrain, Concord Advanced, and Concord Premium. We’ll go over what’s covered by each one below, but we recommend you do your own research, as each vehicle make and model has different needs when it comes to long-term coverage. 


The Concord Powertrain Plan is the entry-level plan and covers mechanical breakdowns in the following listed components:

Gasoline/Diesel Engine:

  • Cylinder block, cylinder head/heads
  • Internally lubricated parts such as pistons, crankshaft, main bearings, camshaft, rod bearings, exhaust valves, oil pump, crankshaft gear, timing chain
  • Harmonic balancer, metal timing cover, metal oil pan
  • Engine vacuum pump and engine mounts


  • Transmission case/transmission pan
  • Rear-wheel-drive transmission or front-wheel-drive transmission
  • Internally lubricated parts included within banner kit components
  • Transmission mounts, torque converter, vacuum modulator

Drive Axle:

  • Front propeller/drive shaft universal joints, front axle shaft universal joints, rear propeller/drive shaft universal joints, rear propeller/drive shaft support and bearing, front CV axle shaft joints

Electrical Components:

  • Ignition distributor, starter solenoid, starter motor, voltage regulator, alternator, A/C heater blower motor


  • Cooling fan clutch, main engine radiator cooling fan motor, radiator, main engine water pump


  • Master cylinder, wheel cylinder, hydraulic front/rear disc brake calipers, power brake booster


In addition to all parts covered by the Concord Powertrain protection plan, the mid-level Concord Advanced Plan covers mechanical breakdowns in the following listed components:


  • Some components in the transfer case: Drive chain/gears, planetary gears, ring shift forks, oil pump output shaft/main shaft washers, transfer case actuator, four-wheel-drive actuator

Steering System:

  • Steering box, rack and pinion unit and all related internal lubricated parts, power steering pump/shaft seal pump, pitman/idler arm, inner tie rod ends, and outer tie rod ends


In addition to all parts covered by the Concord Powertrain and Concord Advanced plans, the top-level Concord Premium plan will cover mechanical breakdowns in the following listed components:

Differential Assembly:

  •  Front and rear differential housing, gears, axle shaft

Suspension System:

  • Front: Upper/lower control arms and bushings, lower tension arms, stabilizer end links, hub and wheel bearings
  • Rear: Upper lower control arms and bushings, stabilizer end links, ball joints, hub and wheel bearings

Steering System:

  • Steering box/steering box pitman seals, steering rack shaft seals, rack and pinion unit and all related internal lubricated parts, power steering pump/shaft seal pump, pitman/idler arm, inner tie rod ends, outer tie rod ends

Heater and Air Conditioning:

  • Compressor and compressor clutch, A/C high/low pressure compressor cutoff switches and heater core, evaporator core, condenser, field coil, accumulator

Fuel System:

  • Main fuel pump, fuel injector(s), gasoline pressure regulator

ABS Brakes:

  • Wheel speed sensors, hydraulic pump/motor assembly, pressure modulator valve/isolation dump valve, accumulator, ABS master cylinder, hydro-boost, electronic control processor


  • ABS master cylinder, fuel management controls, automatic temperature control panel, keyless entry module excluding remote, factory installed GPS Navigation module, sunroof motor, convertible top motor, factory installed rear view camera 

What Concord Auto Protect Doesn’t Cover 

Since none of the plans offered by Concord Auto Protect are bumper-to-bumper coverage, a lot of parts are not included in the coverage. We recommend thoroughly reading your policy before signing on the dotted line. Here are just some of the repairs and parts not covered under the Concord Auto Protect extended warranty plans:

  • Routine maintenance such as oil changes
  • Tires
  • Deterioration or any repair due to rust, water, or an environmental act of nature
  • Cleaning and polishing
  • Broken, chipped, or scratched window glass
  • Normal wear or deterioration of any part
  • Fluids (unless they are necessary as part of a covered repair)
  • Regular maintenance items (filters, brake pads, etc.)


When shopping for an extended warranty provider, it’s important that you feel you can trust the provider and that they’re known as a reputable company. We like that Concord Auto Protect seems to be pretty transparent with its coverage. You can find a sample of its vehicle service contract right on the website, and the website notes several accreditations and positive customer reviews. 

Since Concord Auto Protect is a direct provider – meaning they’re not the middleman between you and the contract administrator – they don’t seem to be backed by a traditional insurer. 

Concord Auto Protect was started in 2013. Some providers we reviewed have been in the extended warranty industry for 20 or 30 years, so compared to others, Concord Auto Protect is less experienced. However, this doesn’t mean they’re not a reputable company.

Refund And Cancellation Policy

Like most extended warranty providers, Concord Auto Protect guarantees a refund if you are unsatisfied with the extended warranty coverage or service. Customers who file a request for cancellation of coverage within the first 30 days will receive a full refund. If you take more time to make up your mind on the policy and decide you want to cancel after 30 days, the company will still work with you to refund a prorated amount of your policy based on mileage if you can obtain a legal odometer reading and you don’t mind deducting the $25 administrative fee from your refund.

How Much Does Concord Auto Protect Cost?

Here’s the thing. We know what you really want to know is how much an extended warranty is going to cost. The short – and yes, annoying – answer is: it depends. Because each vehicle make and model is different, and because extended warranty contracts are governed by state regulations, each policy is slightly different. The cost of coverage also changes how much you pay. The more parts you protect, the more you will pay.

To know for sure what you’ll be paying to protect your vehicle, get a quote.

If you still have a manufacturer’s warranty, it may be a good idea to look into your options for an extended auto warranty or vehicle service contract for the future. Why? Well, it’s kind of like health insurance: the healthier your vehicle is when you get coverage, the lower your rates will be for the plan you choose. It way less expensive to get coverage for a low-mileage vehicle than it is for a seasoned road warrior with a sky-high odometer reading. That way, when your original factory warranty runs out, the vehicle service contract has your back right off the bat. 

Concord Auto Protect Reviews

Although Concord Auto Protect is not an accredited Better Business Bureau member, it’s not hard to find a good number of glowing reviews on the ratings website. The extended vehicle service contract provider earned an A- rating and only has 4 complaints in the last 36 months posted on BBB. Here’s what one recent customer had to say about the service they received:

“This company is outstanding! I used my policy several months after purchasing it, and the cost of repairs almost covered the cost of the policy on my BMW. I just purchased another policy for my son's Jeep! Money well spent!” – Madison Q. on BBB

You can also check out other customer reviews from online review sites pulled directly to the provider’s website.

“I have another warranty on my last car, and they worked with me on a couple of claims and handled it expertly ... I just had to call. I feel secure knowing my new car will be safe and secure for many years and highly recommend them!” – Gloria, Trustpilot reviewer 


So, what happens when you actually need to put your policy to the test and to file a claim? The process with Concord Auto Protect seems to be pretty simple: take your vehicle to the repair shop and give the shop service representative your Concord information. Concord Auto Protect will pay for any covered repairs with a company credit card over the phone, minus any deductible you’ve got on your plan. Policy holders are not responsible for any paperwork, and there is no limit to the number of times you can file a claim.

As in most service contracts, prior authorization of the repair is required before Concord Auto Protect will agree to pay for any work to be done on the covered vehicle.

According to our friends over at RepairPal, the average cost for a general diagnosis of a repair is between $88 and $111, and that doesn’t include taxes or fees. The policyholder may be responsible for the inspection of the vehicle by the licensed repair facility prior to any repair work being done. So, even though the company’s plans have a zero-deductible option, you’re still paying something for the repair. Keep that in mind when weighing your options for coverage.

Concord Auto Protect pays all claims directly to the repair facility, so you don’t have to come up with the cash to get your vehicle back, then wait for a reimbursement check.

Who Performs The Repairs?

While the website repeatedly asserts customers can choose any dealer, repair shop or local mechanic to perform the claim repair, the Concord Auto Protect policy itself states that the facility must have at least one ASE certified technician on staff. 

Concord Auto Protect recommends you contact you repair facility of choice prior to purchasing one of its plans if you’re worried the facility won’t accept Concord’s coverage. If the shop initially says they won’t, Concord is willing to reach out directly in order to build a relationship with the repair facility before you even purchase your plan.

Transferability Of Coverage

When you’re ready to sell your vehicle, extended warranty policyholders can pass their Concord Auto Protect plan to a new owner, which can be a great value-add for potential buyers. Just let the service contract provider know that you’ve sold the vehicle and are transferring the plan to its new owner. There are a few conditions:

  • Plans can only be transferred once in the lifetime of coverage (i.e., only the original policy holder can transfer the plan).
  • Notice of the transfer has to be received by Concord Auto Protect within 15 days of the vehicle’s sale
  • The new owner must also receive a transferred manufacturer or factory warranty (if any still exists on the vehicle), and you’ve got to present some official odometer readings and maintenance records.

Additional Benefits

Concord Auto Protect provides customers with some additional services in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Even though most of the following are somewhat standard for extended warranty policies, they’re very good to have and add to that peace of mind most customers want with any coverage. Concord’s additional services come as reimbursements and include the following:

  • Towing: Policyholders can claim $120 per occurrence for towing to the nearest authorized repair facility as a result of a breakdown.
  • Emergency Trip Interruption: You’re entitled to reimbursement of $50 per day for up to three days when a breakdown occurs at least 100 miles away from home.
  • Flat Tire Support: Concord will pay for one flat tire change using your spare.
  • Dead Battery and Fuel Assistance: If your battery needs a boost of you’ve run out of gas, the provider will reimburse you $40 for a battery jolt or jump start, or for a delivery charge to have fuel delivered to your vehicle.
  • Lockout Service: You can be reimbursed up to $25 if you’ve locked your keys in the car.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement: If you’ve got to have an alternate ride because your vehicle is in the shop because of a Concord-covered breakdown, you’re entitled to reimbursement for a rental car, up to $75 per day for a maximum of four days per incident.

Our Verdict: Concord Auto Protect Review

Overall, we think Concord Auto Protect is a decent way to go as an extended auto warranty provider for your vehicle. The coverage, claims process, and benefits are pretty standard. The rental car reimbursement is higher than some providers we’ve seen. In our research, the biggest downside is that it doesn’t look like the company is backed by an insurer. 

Find out if Concord Auto Protect coverage is right for you by calling them at 888-399-2811 or visiting the provider’s website to get a free quote and answers for any other questions.

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