From Wonder Woman's NASCAR ride to an Audi R8 Iron Man puked on, super hero-themed cars are uniformly ugly.

Automakers are constantly on the lookout for new places to promote their vehicles. Given the gargantuan success of super hero movies at the multiplex, it’s only natural that the industry would use these exciting films as a perfect place to market their models. Here are some of the most interesting super-hero-themed automotive creations in recent memory.

Here's a new one:

Wonder Woman

Danica Patrick Wonder Woman Nascar
Kia Sportage Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot already raked in over $100 million in its first weekend in theaters. To promote the film, Danica Patrick recently raced with a Wonder-Woman-themed Ford in NASCAR. The car featured the super hero in action on each side, and the character’s emblem emblazoned the front and rear.

Even before the blockbuster movie, Wonder Woman received some automotive attention. In 2013, the character inspired a custom Kia Sportage for the New York Auto Show. The crossover featured her emblem on the front in place of the brand’s badge, and her classic red and silver color motif covered the entire vehicle.

Kia Sorento Justice League

Wonder Woman also appeared with the rest of the Justice League on a Sorento in 2013. The custom crossover for San Diego Comic Con featured her alongside the Green Lantern and Batman on the driver’s side. Superman, the Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman posed on the passengers’ doors.

Justice League

Kia Superhero Concepts

Several members of DC Comics’ team of super heroes received their own custom machines from Kia in 2012. The automaker created a Rio for Aquaman in green and gold. Batman had an Optima with Batarangs hidden in the center console. The Flash got a Forte Koup with his lightning bolt emblem taking a prominent spot on the hood. Cyborg’s Forte featured a giant hood scoop. Finally, the Green Lantern’s Soul had eye-catching neon green highlights.


Ford F-150 Batman
Ford F-150 Batman

Thanks to the many iterations of the Batmobile, the Caped Crusader is the super hero with the closest ties to the auto industry. There have been some rather odd attempts to link the Dark Knight to vehicles, though. For example, Ford used the 1960s Batmobile as inspiration for a bizarre F-150-based concept with giant fins

More Super-Hero-Themed Vehicles:

The Avengers

Audi R8 Iron Man
Lamborghini Gallardo Captain America

Marvel Comics’ team of crime fighters has spawned a billionaire movie franchise, and enthusiasts have been eager to create their own custom rides with nods to the characters. For example, an Iron Man fan created a custom wrap for the Audi R8 that made the supercar look like a battle-damaged version of Tony Stark’s suit of armor.

In addition, a Lamborghini Gallardo owner applied a custom finish that made Captain America appear when cold water hit the front of the supercar.


Kia Sorento X-Men
Kia Sportage X-Men Mystique

There must be some super hero fans at Kia because in addition to the Justice-League-themed vehicles, the company also has a history of doing X-Men-inspired concepts. For example, the automaker promoted the home release of X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014 with a Sorento fit for Wolverine. The crossover featured prominent claws on the front and back. In 2015, a one-off Sportage arrived with exterior cues taken from Mystique’s blue skin.

Lamborghini Aventador Super Hero

A super-hero-loving Lamborghini Aventador owner even decided to mix DC and Marvel characters for a wrap that pitted characters like Wolverine, Spider-Man, Batman, the Joker into an all-out battle.

Super-Hero-Themed Vehicles