The best Class C RVs offer travelers a compromise between the grand luxury of a bus-sized Class A motorhome and the compact, Sprinter van-based Class B RVs. Ranging from 21 to 44 feet long, Class C RVs allow greater maneuverability than their larger counterparts. They also have superior amenities, space, and functionality compared to the smaller Class B motorhomes.

In that sense, they are the perfect fit for a wide range of travelers. Our team took a deep dive into the industry’s best Class C RVs to help you find the right vehicle for your next journey.

The Best Class C RVs Of 2022

After considering features, costs, reliability, and reviews, these five models stood out as the best Class C RVs.

#1 Coachmen Freelander

Length: 27’5″

Freshwater capacity: 50 gallons

Greywater capacity: 31 gallons

Blackwater capacity: 31 gallons

Starting Price: $109,940

The Coachmen Freelander offers travelers a lot of choices. Not only does the Freelander have a variety of floorplans, you can also choose between RVs built on either a Ford 350, Ford 450, Chevrolet 3500, or Chevrolet 4500 truck chassis.

In addition to those choices, the Coachmen Freelander is a feature-rich RV experience, especially when it comes to electrical components. Freelanders come with a 55-amp electronic converter, 30-amp power cord, ceiling-mounted LED lights, and auto generator changeover. RVers can enjoy a solar port connection that comes standard. This powers devices and screens even at off-grid campsites.

Another highlight of Coachmen’s family-friendly entry into the Class C RV market is the roomy sleeping area with a queen-size bed. On some models, there is even a walk-in closet. While this does cut into other living areas, the extra room in private spaces may appeal to adults who want a retreat within their RV. The cab-over bunk provides even more sleeping area.

All the choices and features available, and a price tag that comes in well below many of the other names on this list, send the Coachmen Freelander to the top of our list of best Class C RVs.

#2 Tiffin Wayfarer

Length: 25’8”

Freshwater capacity: 25 gallons

Greywater capacity: 36 gallons

Blackwater capacity: 28 gallons

Starting price: $205,278

The Tiffin Wayfarer sits near the top of the list of the best Class C RVs for a few reasons. To begin with, its efficient floor plan built atop a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis allows it to sleep up to four people comfortably while still packing in a lot of features. 

In addition to the standard kitchen, bathroom, and furniture options you’d expect to find in a Class C RV at this price point, the Wayfarer comes with some other thoughtful features. For example, there is an inverted power outlet that makes it easier to connect a CPAP machine. LED reading lights and a well-designed sound system also contribute to your travel experience.

#3 Winnebago View

Length: 25’6”

Freshwater capacity: 30 gallons

Greywater capacity: 41 gallons

Blackwater capacity: 41 gallons

Starting Price: $196,152

The legendary Winnebago’s diesel engine-powered entry into the category is also one of the best Class C RVs in the industry. That’s because the Winnebago View is at the head of the class when it comes to amenities.

Available in three models, the 24D, 24V, and 24J, the View offers perhaps the highest level of trim of any of the RVs on this list. The Winnebago’s TrueComfort+ sofa and bed are some of the most comfortable furnishings on the market. With both a U-shaped dinette and a roomy stand-up shower, space is one of the best parts of this RV.

Well-placed accent lighting throughout the RV highlights the attractive interior design. Features like soft close drawers, a touch screen microwave, and toe-kick lighting add a sense of luxury.

#4 Jayco Redhawk

Length: 25’2″

Freshwater capacity: 43 gallons

Greywater capacity: 40 gallons

Blackwater capacity: 32 gallons

Starting Price: $116,768

Travelers can choose from one of six variations for the Jayco Redhawk. Built on a Chevrolet 4500 or a Ford E-450 chassis, many customer reviews praise its stable performance on the road. That’s thanks in large part to Jayco’s patented JRide® system, which uses stabilizer bars and a computer-balanced driveshaft to ensure a ride that doesn’t wobble while the RV is in motion.

The Jayco Redhawk’s seamless entertainment system is also a huge plus. A Sony® infotainment center with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ comes with the standard customer value package. Redhawks also come standard with an LED HDTV.

In addition, the Redhawk features comfortable seating and sleeping options. The private bedroom with a queen-size bed and twin bunk beds allows the motorhome to sleep up to seven people. Swivel chairs in the front

#5 Forest River Forester LE

Length: 23’10”

Freshwater capacity: 35 gallons

Greywater capacity: 32 gallons

Blackwater capacity: 27 gallons

Starting Price: $95,979

With the Forest River Forester LE, RVers can choose between several floor plans built on either a Ford or Chevy chassis. Compared to some of the other manufacturers on this list, there’s a lot of variation between floor plans. The base and longest models have almost a 9-foot difference to accommodate those variations.

However, one thing that is consistent between the models is the dedication to a quality cooking space. Travelers who enjoy spending time in the kitchen may want to consider the Forest River Forester LE for its well-equipped and carefully designed kitchen. Features like a recessed range with a flush glass cooktop and undermount convection microwave offer plenty of cooking options. Sink covers and a flip-up countertop maximize prep space.

What Amenities Does A Class C RV Have?

While they are smaller than a Class A RV on average, Class C motorhomes have similar features. Here are some of the items you can expect to find on the best Class C RVs:

  • Extra passenger seating
  • Full bathroom
  • Full kitchen
  • Dedicated dining space or dinette
  • Multiple sleeping spaces
  • Storage space
  • Closets
  • Built-in patio awning
  • Slide-out deck
  • Outdoor storage

As always with RVs, there is going to be variation in features and amenities between brands and vehicles. If there are certain features that are important to you, be sure to check the motorhome’s official literature to confirm they are available.

What To Look For In A Class C RV

The best Class C motorhomes offer a comfortable, reliable, durable RVing experience at a reasonable price. However, even among reputable RV brands, there are always things to look out for. Here are a few aspects of a camper van you should always consider.

Build Quality

If there is one complaint consistent across RV brands, it’s that things don’t always hold up on the road. While minor issues are to be expected, such as fixtures coming loose or moving out of place, some manufacturers have better reputations than others.

Build quality is more than just materials – it’s also about manufacturing. Different factories in the RV manufacturing hub of Elkhart, Indiana, may employ different standards. However, many of them offer tours of their facilities. Given that most of the best Class C RVs cost close to $100,000 or more, it may be worth your time to see each manufacturer’s attention to detail and quality for yourself.

One thing to keep an eye on is whether the RV company uses separate teams for installations and pre-delivery inspection. When companies use the same team of workers to do installations and inspections, it increases the likelihood that something could be missed.

Towing Capacity

With models built on different chassis, some manufacturers are reluctant to publish a towing capacity estimate. You can get a rough estimate by subtracting the published gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) from the gross combined weight rating (GCWR). However, it’s also a good idea to ask the dealership directly for the estimated towing capacity and be sure not to exceed it.


Warranties can demonstrate a manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Unfortunately, most camper warranties only last a year.

Another point of concern is whether or not the warranty transfers. Some do, but others – like the Forest River RV warranty – don’t. This is especially important if you’re buying a second-hand RV, as you’ll want to know whether or not repairs will be covered.

Class C RV Reviews

When you search for information about the best Class C RVs online, you’ll encounter a lot of marketing copy that tells you what you want to hear. While you can learn the specifications and features of your RV this way, it’s not a good way to learn the truth about how an RV performs under real-world conditions.

For that, you can turn to customer reviews. But remember that a handful of bad reviews may not paint the whole picture. However, if you notice patterns and repeated complaints about the same issue in reviews, it likely indicates a consistent problem. Paid reviews are also common across almost every industry, so use the same caution with positive reviews.

Enthusiast sites like are a great place to look for customer reviews.

RV Dealership

RV companies might claim that dealerships are basically interchangeable when it comes to finding service for your vehicle, but not all dealerships offer the same level of service. Issues that need fixing are a reality of owning an RV, so knowing that you can trust your RV dealer is important.

A few things to consider when evaluating a dealership:

  • How efficient is their service department?
  • Do they maintain a relationship with customers after the sale?
  • How do their service prices compare to other dealerships in your area?
  • What is their reputation online?

RV Manufacturer

You’ll want to do research on the manufacturer before making a purchase. Some manufacturers have a sterling reputation for things like build quality and customer service. Others fall short.

Sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are great places to learn about a company’s reputation among both industry professionals and customers.

In-Person “Feel”

No amount of video tours, 3D renderings, or photos can tell you what it feels like to spend time inside an RV. Learning first-hand about considerations like how sturdy the hinges on the cabinets are, or how comfortable the furniture is, makes this experience worth the investment.

A reputable dealership should let you test drive an RV as long as you make it clear you’re serious about buying one. If you’re unsure of how well you’d do spending time inside an RV, it’s worth renting one for an extended period of time to see how you enjoy it.

Common Class C RV Issues

One of the first things you’ll learn about RVs is that issues are part of owning them. No matter how much you spend, that’s not necessarily something you can avoid. Even the best Class C RVs will experience problems.

Some problems are from inferior manufacturing, but others are from the nature of RVs themselves. RVs take something that’s typically meant to stay in one place – a house and everything in it – and put it in a situation where it’s constantly moving and jostling. That’s a recipe for things to break, move out of place, or fall apart.

Here are some of the most consistent issues you’ll find across most RVs:

  • Awning problems
  • Interior panel finishing and trim coming loose
  • Screws loosening up inside and out
  • Broken water heater
  • Busted plumbing valves
  • Electrical issues like improperly installed wiring and malfunctioning outlets
  • Exterior seals on the fiberglass panels, windows, and roof coming loose
  • Slide-outs getting stuck or not fully opening

One of the best ways to avoid expensive trips to the RV dealership is to practice consistent maintenance. Most of these issues are from things moving out of place over time, so catching those before they become big problems can go a long way towards reducing the cost of repairs.

How To Find The Right Class C RV For You

Ultimately, the best Class C RV is going to be the one that best suits your needs. You and your travel partners have your own lifestyle and set of priorities, so one RV model or manufacturer isn’t going to be the perfect Class C RV for everyone.

Buying an RV is a major financial decision. It’s worth spending time to research your options and compare price quotes from dealerships. This list of the best Class C RVs is a great place to start.

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