Offering superior space, amenities, and maneuverability compared to other towables, 5th wheel RVs are a popular choice for travelers who want it all. But with all the options out there, it can be difficult to narrow it down to the best 5th wheel RVs.

Our team took a look at a wide range of 5th wheel RVs and compared the costs, quality, amenities, and customer reviews of each. Of all the models the team researched, these five all earned a spot on our list of best 5th wheel RVs:

Top 5th Wheel RVs For 2022

Top 5th Wheel RVs For 2022

#1Grand Design Solitude
#2Jayco North Point
#3Keystone Montana
#5Forest River Cardinal Luxury

About 5th Wheel RVs

Nicknamed “fivers,” 5th wheel RVs are a tremendously popular option for full-time RVers and for those taking extended trips. Larger and more full-featured than travel trailers and toy haulers, these RVs get their name from the u-shaped coupling that mounts to the bed of a truck. A corresponding pin box on the front of the trailer locks it in place while allowing it to rotate.

The design has a large overhang section that is often used for a loft-style bedroom. This bonus space means designers can put more features and furnishings on the main floor of the trailer. As a result, 5th wheel RVs often feature spacious and well-appointed interiors.

*Dry weight (Unloaded Vehicle Weight, or UVW) and starting price are based on the entry-level floor plans for each model listed. These figures vary greatly depending on floor plans and options.

#1 Grand Design Solitude

RVInsider score: 4.1 out of 5.0
Dry weight: 12,100 pounds
Sleeps: 4-6
Key feature: Roomy, well-equipped kitchen
Starting price: $106,493

Grand Design tops the list of the best RV brands due to the company’s strict inspection policies and overall quality. When it comes to the best 5th wheel RVs, the company’s Solitude line comes in at number one as well.

The high-quality Solitude line is designed for full-time RVing. Every floor plan offers plenty of sleeping space, with a queen-sized bed in all plans and bunk beds in several of them. Grand Design outfits these RVs with higher-end furnishings, appliances, and cabinetry than most in the class.

However, it’s the kitchen that really makes these fifth wheel trailers stand out. Every floor plan has a spacious cooking area and many include a center island – a popular feature in any kitchen. Features like a deep farmer’s sink and a tile backsplash are excellent examples of high-quality touches that separate the Grand Design Solitude from the competition.

#2 Jayco North Point

RVInsider score: 3.7 out of 5.0
Dry weight: 12,285 pounds
Sleeps: 5-10
Key feature: Rugged design and build
Starting price: $105,150

The Jayco North Point offers a number of exciting features when it comes to fifth wheel RVs. Important details like Shaw® vinyl flooring as well as stone and tile in the bathroom provide a sense of luxury and quality throughout the vehicle.

One thing that stands out to the Review Team is the HVAC system. A 40,000 BTU furnace provides more than enough heat for any cold-weather camping situation. The company’s Whisper Quiet air conditioning system keeps the vehicle cool without the excessive noise that can make summer sleeping unpleasant.

But the main reason the Jayco North Point ranked so high on our list of the best 5th wheel RVs is its overall build quality. The North Point’s Stronghold VBL™ aluminum-framed and vacuum-bond, laminated gel-coated fiberglass exterior walls are designed to take just about anything the road can throw at them. According to Jayco, the RVs Magnum Truss XL6 Roof System is the strongest roof in the RV industry. All-in-all, this means you can expect the North Point to hold up to heavy use and lots of miles.

#3 Keystone Montana

RVInsider score: 3.6 out of 5.0
Dry weight: 12,387 pounds
Sleeps: 4-8
Key feature: Home-like furnishings
Starting price: $122,318

The Keystone Montana has sold over 100,000 units around the world, making it one of the most popular 5th wheel trailers in the RV industry. As a result, there’s a large network of owners participating in active online communities discussing questions, tips, and general knowledge about the models. That alone makes it worth considering as an option.

But what the Review Team liked most about the Montana – and perhaps one of the main reasons for its popularity – are the home-like features.

This begins with the sleeping and sitting areas. Each model features a queen bed and one or two hideaway beds, depending on the model. For entertainment seating in the living room, each model offers luxury recliners similar to what you’d find in high-end movie theaters.

The Keystone Montana also has some extremely useful features that can make full-time living in an RV much more comfortable. Each comes standard with a large refrigerator and oven, and you’ll also find washer and dryer hookups.

#4 Redwood

RVInsider score: 3.8 out of 5.0
Dry weight: 13,583 pounds
Sleeps: 4-6
Key feature: Thoughtful design and premium furniture
Starting price: $135,950

Redwood only makes one line of RVs, allowing it to focus its attention and efforts on getting its 5th wheel trailer just right. But that doesn’t mean RV buyers don’t have choices when it comes to this luxury fiver. The Redwood has 22 floor plans, giving RVers plenty of options.

This RV should be near the top of the list for full-time travelers who prioritize space and comfortable furniture. The Redwood features a master suite that comes complete with a king bed and a full closet – great for parents looking for some private space when they need it. Multiple pull-outs mean there’s no shortage of sleeping space for the rest of the family.

The Redwood also shines when it’s time to bring people together. An island kitchen flanked by couches and an entertainment center creates a natural gathering space. The RV’s buffet countertop, which is a feature that should be more common in these vehicles, accompanies the dinette. This provides a useful space to serve food while keeping the table clear. Thoughtful touches like these make the Redwood liveable, and secure its place on our list of the best 5th wheel RVs.

#5 Forest River Cardinal Luxury

RVInsider score: 2.9 out of 5.0 stars
Dry weight: 11,379 pounds
Sleeps: 2-8
Key feature: Ample storage space
Starting price: $72,900

Forest River’s Cardinal line is one of the longest-running 5th wheel RVs in the industry. The model recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, and the model won RVPro’s Best in Show award in 2019. So, it’s pretty clear that Forest River has a few things figured out.

One of those things is storage space. The Cardinal’s Z-frame pass-through storage offers exceptional space for storing whatever kind of gear you need. This feature makes it an excellent choice for people who like to add other outdoor activities to their camping trips. The kitchen in this luxury fifth wheel camper also has storage space with plenty of built-in soft-close cabinets.

That well-thought-out storage space is accompanied by some other unique features. One of the Review Team’s favorites is a bookcase that’s hidden behind the flip-up entertainment system. This offers even more storage space – and it’s also very cool.

What Amenities Does A 5th Wheel RV Have?

If you’ve been researching 5th wheel RVs, you know that there is plenty of variation when it comes to features and amenities. These towables sport everything from basic furnishings like large beds to luxury features like built-in electric fireplaces. Even within the same model, different floor plans can offer varied amenities.

However, there are a few consistent features you can expect to find in 5th wheel RVs:

  • Kitchens: The best 5th wheel RVs come equipped with roomy kitchens. The space of fivers allows for larger, and sometimes even full-sized appliances like ovens and refrigerators.
  • Sleeping areas: Many 5th wheel RVs come with a master bedroom that includes a queen- or king-sized bed, an entertainment center, and a full closet. It’s also common for these RVs to have bunk areas that give other passengers their own space.
  • Living areas: You’re likely to find a well-equipped entertainment center in the living space of a 5th wheel trailer. This usually includes a large flat-screen TV and luxury seating like leather couches or recliners.
  • Bathrooms: Wet baths – all-in-one bathrooms where the toilet and sink sit inside the shower – are standard in 5th wheel RVs. Most of these vehicles feature full-sized showers and comfortable toilets.
  • Heating and cooling: Most fivers have small but effective HVAC systems. This makes it possible to camp comfortably year-round in most parts of the world.

5th Wheel RVs: What You Should Look For

Features and amenities are the “fun part” of shopping for an RV. However, there’s more to consider than entertainment systems and kitchen appliances. Buying an RV is a major financial decision, with many costing as much as a house – and sometimes, replacing one. Doing your research before making a purchase can help you avoid buying a 5th wheel RV that’s a hassle to own or simply doesn’t match your needs.

Dry Weight

Also referred to as Unloaded Vehicle Weight (UVW), the dry weight of an RV is how much the vehicle weighs without cargo, fluids, or passengers. This important consideration indicates whether or not your vehicle can tow your 5th wheel RV. Luggage and water for bathing or cleaning can easily add a few thousand pounds to your trailer, so be sure that you have a tow vehicle with a towing capacity that comfortably exceeds the dry weight plus several thousand pounds.

Build Quality

Most of the most persistent issues with these towables have to do with build quality. While things like siding and flooring coming loose over time is common in even the best fifth wheel RVs, poor build quality is a different story. Your RV should be able to withstand long-distance travel and being lived in; that’s why you bought it. Use online reviews or an in-person visit to learn how well things are manufactured and installed on a vehicle.


While most 5th wheel RVs come with a warranty, there’s a lot of variation in those warranties. Some cover more than others, and coverage lengths also vary. Another important consideration is whether or not a warranty will transfer. This is crucial information if you’re considering selling the vehicle after your travels, or if you’re buying one second-hand.


When you buy a car, all dealerships under that brand have an obligation to fix your vehicle, no matter where you bought it originally. But that’s not the case when it comes to RVs. So, the dealership where you buy your RV from is extremely important, as you’ll be tied to your home dealership throughout your vehicle’s lifetime. Your dealership is also important at the brand level. Some brands have better reputations for service than others.

In-Person “Feel”

No amount of reviews, 3D renderings, or videos can replace seeing an RV in-person. While it may be difficult to find a dealership depending on where you live, it’s certainly worth the effort considering how much you’ll be spending. There are certain things you can only experience in person, like the mounting hardware the manufacturer uses, how comfortable the furniture is, or how well the interior LED lighting works.

Common 5th Wheel RV Issues

While you don’t have engine and drivetrain-related problems to worry about, even the best 5th wheel RVs are almost certainly going to run into problems. Many of these are just a result of parts vibrating and moving around over time – something you can address with routine maintenance. But other issues may require professional attention.

Here’s a list of some of the most common issues 5th wheel RV owners experience:

  • Plumbing: Pipes, faucets, toilets, and other bathroom and kitchen fixtures aren’t typically designed to move, but they do so constantly in an RV. This results in damaged seals and misaligned parts that can create leaks in the plumbing system.
  • Window and door seals: Due to constant vibration from the road, the seals around the windows and doors in an RV are often one of the first things to go. Rapidly transitioning between climates can create even more problems.
  • Slide-outs: Slide-outs that don’t work properly are one of the most common complaints of RV owners. Most moving parts eventually experience problems, and the big, heavy slide-outs that are constantly moving and vibrating on the road are definitely candidates for mechanical issues.
  • Electrical problems: RV owners across all brands complain about electrical issues in their vehicles. From wiring coming loose to water heater issues, even the best 5th wheel RVs are likely to have electrical problems at some point.

How To Choose The Best 5th Wheel RV For You

Based on our Review Team’s research, any of the five options listed above would be an excellent choice for your next fiver. Each one offers a strong combination of features and quality compared to the price, as well as a good rating from customers on RVInsider.

But ultimately, the best 5th wheel RV is the one that best fits your own unique needs and your budget. To find the right fit, our team recommends identifying what you want and need out of an RV before shopping and then narrowing down your choices. Make sure to get quotes on actual vehicles and visit in-person before making your final decision.

Your 5th wheel RV will be with you on your journeys for a long time to come, so be sure you’re getting the right option for you.

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